the 12 type of anime congoers. by HinoNeko . The Kid The Chaperone Descriptiom: Parent The Kid. Eless net consider child eld andmy gaad enoegh at self defense t the 12 type of anime congoers by HinoNeko The Kid Chaperone Descriptiom: Parent Eless net consider child eld andmy gaad enoegh at self defense t
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the 12 type of anime congoers

The Kid The Chaperone
Descriptiom: Parent The Kid.
Eless net consider child eld
andmy gaad enoegh at self
defense ta attend can mane.
Descriptiom: A beeng child.
Either managed ta convince
his parents ta buy him a can
pass er is the result same
anholy nerdd. .
If dragging parents,
Harem cosplay. If dragged
by parents, shortest character
frem an early series.
An expression
vague cencer-
Faverite mime: Harem Faverite mime: Spirited Away
Warning: Assumes yae are a
pedaphile and will treat yae as
Warning: De net let him see
the doujinshi yae just baught.
The Boyfriend The Artist
Descriptiom: Here because his
mime fan girlfriend said it
weild be fun. Silently tells self
Senna get a blowjob, genna
Descriptiom: Slinks around the
labby, pushing his sketchbook
deedees an everyine we
makes eye contact.
get a blowjob.“ all day.
A thick deed
cigarette smake.
Shirt his girlfriend
baught fer him at Hat Tepcc.
Faverite mime: Gamay
Faverite mime: Hellsing
Warning: Will hit an any and all
Females, especially the
underage mes.
Warning: Seaside's all ether
attendees "sluts" er 'Tags",
depending an gender.
The Fangirl
The Cathay
Descriptiom: Offers physical
intimacy in exchange fer
Pesky and cash in small
Descriptiom: Tears through the
Dealer' s Ream and Artist
Alley, buying anything and
everything featuring Kenshin.
Pins, badges, shirts,
whatever' s get his face an it.
Leash, kitty ears,
lack shirt.
Faverite mime: Faverite mime: Whatever yae
want, mastersexual
Warning: Buys every Kenshin
thing yae want befire yae
cm get ta it.
every STD
Imam ta mm.
The Duke The Paddler
De : Ever wander why
dealer beams anly have have
cme Piece figures, but a whale
crate fer the latest mecha
harem mae shew? He' s why.
Descriptiom: Runs amend can
glomping at and
yelling "Bakal Bakal" Tries ta
get FMA cosplayers ta make
eet with each ether.
Homemade gimana“
Read: "Pink came bathman")
Basic shirt, basic
jeans, jacket. {Aim basic.)
Faverite mime: Nedm Genesis Faverite mime: Gravitating
Warning: De net mention Naruto Warning: Travels in packs.
The Gamer The Journalist
Descriptiom: Publishes an
mime magazine an Delegger.
Takes thetas ,
takes mere thetas hat
Descriptiom: Likes mime, but
is “mere a game persin.“
Spends 99% his can time
in the game ream.
Whatever was lying
an his fiter five heers age.
Camera bag.
Faverite mime: Bleach Favoite mime: If 1999
Warning: Gets extremely
affended if yae dent ask
fer her mag azing' s URL.
Warning: ls much, much
better at Hale than yae are.
The Raver The Bystander
Descriptiom: At the hotel fer
same reasen ether than the
can. Unfamiliar with mime
and the such.
Descriptiom: Eless that crazy
raver hand spinny thing fer
entire feraldan efface party.
mew sticks.
Faverite mime: Eless Blade
Faverite mime: FUEL Runner meet?
Warning: Highly confesed,
slightly frightened.
Warning: Staring fer mere than
have minutes will permanently
blind yee.
Casual businessweek.
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