Facebook ( 10,000 ). Always logout of facebook, kids.. 2, you left yourself logged into Facebook on a random phone. So for today, I control your status updates  facebook
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Facebook ( 10,000 )

Facebook ( 10,000 ). Always logout of facebook, kids.. 2, you left yourself logged into Facebook on a random phone. So for today, I control your status updates

Always logout of facebook, kids.

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2, you left yourself logged into
Facebook on a random phone. So for
today, I control your status updates and
will critique your profile. Don' t worry. This
will be fun and educational for you!
Also, you had a few friend requests left
unanswered. Everyone needs more friends
so Iwent ahead and accepted those on
your behalf. Hello, new friends!
Stay tuned in!
sh You like this.
Unlike T
Who this n dont accept ppl I don' t
Unlike T dbl
Stephanie, this isn' t confusing.
Follow along please.
Unlike T dbl
Where was he Log n @ he © school
Unlike T dbl
That info isn' t necessary. Also, feel
free to use proper grammar. We
have full words in the English
language that have been formed to
provide the best communication, so
be proud of them.
i dont kno who this is playing but its
really pissing me off do i need 2
comw ova 2 the school n find out
Unlike T
i knew u would get pissed off but
don' t go to school
Unlike T
yes i am bu tricks kids
Unlike T dbl
Stephanie, this is not a trick. This is
actually happening. Before you go
on huge quest of Where' s Waldo, I' m
not at the school. I will logout as
soon as I' m finished, and with no
damage to’.
Here' s a lesson. Log out of your
profiles when you use them on a
new device.
Look I' m on my way 2 the school n
whoever this is Not his parent so
looks like I' m on my way 2 solve this
Unlike T dbl
This is a bunch of Bullshit
Unlike T dbl
Are you his mother?
what r u????? is it any of bizz
Unlike T dbl
almost © this school to get 2 the
bottom of this
Unlike T dbl
Well lam controlling his social
networking today, so yes it is. Also if
you' re almost to school I guess
you' re driving while on Facebook?
That is dangerous, Stephanie.
i bet u wont long n i see whoever
this is is Full of Shim!!!
Unlike _ dbl
No, Stephanie. This is full of data.
Excrement cannot be electronic,
unless of course you ingested a
motherboard. You see what I did
Unlike T dbl
mo not compute. English,
Wow they twin to act bad behind a
keyboard wtf they mean they don' t
compute to English
T Unlike _ dbl
Here' s your explanation. I do not
compute, meaning I don' t
understand your words. Next we
have a period which ends the
sentence. Isaid "English, Stephanie"
to request she use proper English.
Also, I am not acting bad. I act pretty
well if I do say so myself, but this
has nothing to do with acting.
T Like
fuck u n keep my name butcha
mouth!!!!! u so well educated u
should b n college
Unlike T
Awe u tryin to act bad behind a
keyboard wtf do u speak Spanish
seem to me yourass a dumb Lil
child playin y don' t u go buy a toy
sense u wanta play
Unlike T
I decided college wasn' t for me.
However, I seem to be doing better
at this English thing than the both of
Careful, you might seem racist with
that Spanish comment. Aside from
that, it really has no relevance to our
current conversation.
T Like
Actually u can go to hell can u
understand beat a ass where dat
fuck u at
T Unlike -
m I understand that, but you' re still not
using the correct format of
I' d probably go to hell if I believed in
it. For now I' m on Earth. Maybe
Mars soon enough. Did you know we
just sent Curiosity there?
Unlike T
Well bitch if u tell me where u at I' ll
show u some commutation when I
knock the hell out of u
Unlike T
I have a top. I like to stay clothes in
public. Very kind of you, but no
I' told you, this is real. You think
this is a game?
T Like
H Commutation: Action or the process
of commuting a judicial sentence.
That sounds like it might take a
while. Can we reschedule for a
future date?
T Like
Garnering up bail money 2 Beat
Unlike -
Can u tell me where u have your
funeral at
T Unlike -
are you finished? Usually you
follow a series of dots (also referred
to as an ellipses) with the rest of the
I' m glad you asked! Iwould like a
Viking funeral, preferably off the
coast of Scotland. Mighty kind of
Also, [apologize Before I said "stay
clothes in public", but I meant stay
IN clothes. Iwould edit it but this
program doesn' t allow me to. I
forgot my lessons, and this
keyboarding thing is all hard.
Speaking of lessons, you should see
if that school has any open slots for
their English class. It might help you
out with your issue.
Alas, it seems I have to log off.
D' andre' s profile is secure. I left him
some fashion tips on his profile
picture. Swag?! Really? What are you
teaching kids these days?
I' m sure some comment will follow
this, challenging my manhood. I
assure you this farewell is not out of
fear. This unit has a soul, and it is a
soul filled with courage. I leave you
with this:
You are the universe experiencing
Carl Sagan
Justion- Like
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