The Universe Is Just Awesome II. Part 1: /funny_pictures/398205/The+Universe+Is+Just+Awesome/<br /> Part 3: /funny_pictures/400451/The+Universe+Is+Just+Aw universe is Just Awesome two
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The Universe Is Just Awesome II

The Universe Is Just Awesome II
More Fun, Interesting, and Awe Inspiring
Fastal" theor" ges About the Universe
The phrase, "In space, no one can hear you scream." is
entirely correct. If this explosion were to take place, and
you were there to witness it, you would not hear a sound.
It would be the most quiet explosion you have ever heard.
Let' s talk about black holes for a minute. No one really
understands what goes on inside a black hole. It is
theorized that at the center, all matter is stretched
unimaginably thin. Anything relatively close to a black hole
will be sucked in. Black holes got their name because
they' re gravitational pull is so immense, that not even light
particles can escape the pull. Though they are called black
holes, some can be visible. The smaller the black hole, the
more light it emits. some of the smallest black holes
actually glow.
one theory about black holes is that all matter that is
sucked into one, may not be destroyed after all. Scientists
theorize that there may be such a thing as a ‘white hole
which would expell all matter that was sucked into it' s
connected black hole. The big problem with black holes
and white holes is that we can' t actually test them. If we
were to launch someone into one, we wouldn' t be able to
tell if they lived or died. If they lived, they might be spit out
of a white hole millions of miles away and we wouldn' t be
able to talk to them. If they died, well then we really
wouldn' t be able to talk to them.
Moving onto Neutrinos. Neutrinos are incomprehensibly
small. They also are extremely fast, once believed to be
moving at the speed of light. Every hour of every day,
neutrinos are passing through millions of people around
the world. They can actually travel through the entire Earth
without ever coming into contact with another atom,
Although, if they happen to come into contact with an
atom inside your body, the effects could be devastating. It
could start a mutation inside one of your cells and cause
cancer. or even worst, if it happens to hit an embryo' s cell
while still in the room, it can cause hon' ibae birth defects.
The Universe Is Just Awesome
I will derr" m" be making more ofthose just
because I LOVE learning about the universe and
informing others ofthe fascinating wonders of our
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