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User avatar #717 - gagster
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(08/11/2012) [-]
MY rules for Zombie Survival
1. Immediately investigate any sound you hear.
2.make sure you leave some windows/doors open for a quick escape.
3.Try and find your relatives/love ones, no matter where they are.
4.aim for there chest.It's their weak point.
User avatar #728 to #717 - atoaster
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(08/11/2012) [-]
I'm going to use the book made by Max Brooks to disprove most of that:
1. This may work, but if you are in a safe location, why give it up?
2. Zombies are unable to open windows/ doors. Leaving a window open gives it stealth, keeping it closed forces it to break through, warning you. Also zombies are mentally unable to understand doorknobs.
3. Sure, but will anything slow you down? Girls may try to bring everything convince them not to.
4. Brain is the weak point for zombies. Chest is the weak point for humans. Aim for the head.
5. Fire is an absolute NO. Whats worse than a zombie coming at you? A zombie on FIRE. Fire tends to not kill instantly, especially for zombies, which don't need 90% of their organs.
Note: This was based on zombies pictured in Max Brooks' book "Zombie Survival Guide", not by anything else like CoD or movies.