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#219 - thatevanguy
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(08/11/2012) [-]
Me: "Siri!"

Siri: "Yes, how may I help you today?"

Me: "Your ******* charger broke, fix it."

Siri: "... I found several Apple retailers that sell chargers fairly close to you"

Me: "No Siri, I want you to fix it, I don't wanna buy a new one."

Siri: "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that"

Me: "Why not?"

Siri: "Because I don't possess the ability to fix materialistic objects due to my lack of ******* hands, so go pick yourself up some of this and charge me you retard:

#296 to #219 - shitshitshit
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(08/11/2012) [-]
this, this made me lol harder than it should have