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#624 - foreverxaxanon (08/11/2012) [-]
What if a sperm donor's kid has sex with another kid but the father of the other kid was the sperm donor? Will the baby come out deformed?
User avatar #644 to #624 - gmarrox ONLINE (08/11/2012) [-]
It's not near as likely if they have different mothers.
User avatar #647 to #644 - foreverxaxanon (08/11/2012) [-]
What if the mother had a kid before getting married but didn't tell the father. But the father donated the sperm that the mother took?
#648 to #647 - gmarrox ONLINE (08/11/2012) [-]
I'm too tired for this **** man.
User avatar #650 to #648 - foreverxaxanon (08/11/2012) [-]
sorry bro
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