run!. . Bu seer even Omeagle Vpy a tener suede. You know Google is racist when the track is a watermelon. RUN shit nigga yomomma i Love You
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You know Google is racist when the track is a watermelon.
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i got here from the front page break me thinks.
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Poor blacks in the south had to eat whatever was easy to make and cheap back in the days. Watermelon was easy to grow in those seasons. Same thing goes for chitlins (pig-intestines), they were cheaper than beef and what not. It's just that families start cooking them more and more and the stereotype passed on.
The thing is that poor white people in the south ate the same thing but you know how ignorant people are? They like to make a stereotype gesture to a certain race, but the blacks did eat it more back then since it was slave times and it's what they could afford with segregration and all.
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If you're going to go with the anti racism comment at least stay on subject.
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Really don't want to log in right now, so I'll just sat this: does the background look like watermelon to anybody else?
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I got 10.3 in that, did anyone beat my lowest run?
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