Medical Comp (Lost Post). Here's a long post for all you guys, it has a lot of words but is worth a read. Complied by me with the help of google. Hope you like  Strange funny medical
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Medical Comp (Lost Post)

Medical Comp (Lost Post). Here's a long post for all you guys, it has a lot of words but is worth a read. Complied by me with the help of google. Hope you like

Here's a long post for all you guys, it has a lot of words but is worth a read. Complied by me with the help of google. Hope you like it.

the story I\ Moore
Nigeria (also known as " progeria syndrome" and "Hutchinson-
Gilford syndrome") is an extremely rare, severe, genetic condition wherein
symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at an early age.
The disorder has a very low incidence and occurs in one per eight million live births.
Those born with progeria typically live about thirteen years, although many have
been known to live into their late teens and early twenties and rare individuals may
even reach .
Aquagenic urticaria, also known as water allergy, the sufferer can' t go from a nice hut
water bath or a shower or enjoy swimming, even sweating after a tiresome work
brings a painful rash, it is an extremely rare form of physical urticaria. it
described as an allergy, although it is not a histamine releasing allergic reaction like
otherwords of urticaria; it is more a hypersensitivity to the ions found in
water. In affected persons, water on the skin causes hives to 15 minutes
and last for up to two hours. it is very unusual.
malformation is a malformation of the brain.
This boy Rhett Lamb is not originaly in the fact he can' t sleep a wink. He has
been awake for nears 24 hours a day.
His condition has baffled the parents and the doctors who have finally came
after a complicated discussion to the diagnosis of this young boy as chiari
When it happens it can cause headaches, vomiting, muscle weakness in the head
and face, difficulty swallowing, mental impairment, paralysis of arms, paralysis
of legs, progressive brain impairment, involuntary eye movements -usually
rapid and downward, dizziness, double vision, deafness, impaired coordination,
and in some cases death.
describes overgrowth on the body in an is considered
This is a very rare condition and described as human werewolves because the
sufferer resembles much except claws and teeth.
There are two distinct types of : generalized , which
occurs overhue entire body, and localized , which is restricted to a
certain area. is either congenital (present at birth), or acquired later in
Before the 19th century, people exhibiting symptoms of the believed
to be possessed. An intense interest in spiritualism, Parapsychology, and hypnosis
continued throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries and may be even till today.
Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a
condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities
known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and
interacting with the environment.
Walking Corpse Syndrome isn' t just the name of a metal band. its an utterly
mystifying phenomenon in which the afflicted person is convinced that he or she
has died or lust some vital part of the body, but are still aware and walking the
earth. Officially known as Comm’: Syndrome, this mental illness can sometimes
be brought about by a brain injury. Very rarely, people with Walking Corpse
Syndrome believe they' re immortal and begin testing that theory, resulting in
How would you like to walk around emitting insanely noxious odors, no
matter haw good your personal hygiene may be? People with
sometimes called 'fish odor syndrome', can' t control the
very strong smells that are emitted through their sweat, urine and breath
bodies don' t properly break down a organic
compound found in food. The smell is so strong that this rare disorder can be
There is no known treatment, but some people manage it
through diet and antibiotics.
Meet Natalie Cooper, a has a mystery illness that
makes her sick every time she eats anything. Well, almost anything. She can eat
one thing that doesn' t make her sick: Tictac mint!
For reasons that doctors are explain, Tictacs are the only thing she can
stomach, meaning she has to get the rest of her sustenance from a specially
formulated feed through a tube.
For most people talking on a mobile phone, cooking dinner in the microwave or
driving in a car is simply part of modern living in 21st century Britain. But
completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird - because she is allergists
Cell Phones and Microwaves.
The is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field (emf) or Emmy created
by computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars, that she
develops a painful skin rash and her eyelids swell to three times their size if she
goes wearthed. As a consequence, Mrs Bird, a health spa manager, has
transformed her home into an zone to try and stay healthy. u can no
longer do things that I used to take forgranted,' Mrs Bird said. "My life
has been seriously affected by EMF".
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