Election Time. 75% OC (Heard a very similar joke, changed it slightly and brought it to you in glorious picture form.).. both these assholes, <<<this guy gets my vote
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#1 - fourtwentt (08/07/2012) [-]
**** both these assholes,

<<<this guy gets my vote
#5 - blackandwhitegod (08/07/2012) [-]
This is at best 2% OC.

The joke was made by someone else and is all over the TV.

The pictures were taken by someone else.

#4 - purplegolem (08/07/2012) [-]
This line has been on Comedy Central for that new black comedian for the past WEEK.
#3 - smilecomix (08/07/2012) [-]
oh **** ! i feel so bad that i read it as 'moron'!
User avatar #6 to #3 - angelojuusan (08/07/2012) [-]
You may not be far off...
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