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>Go to valve HQ
>Find Gaben
>Ask where HL3 is
>Before he can respond lift up his left titty and say "is it under here?"
>Security Comes
>Throw sandwiches at Gaben yelling "WHERE IS IT?!??!? WHERE THE **** IS IT!!!?!?!?!?"
>Gaben catches sandwiches with his mouth
>Security grabs you
>Stab them with a rusty spoon
>Keep chucking sandwiches at Gaben
>Keep stabbing security with rusty spoons
>Gaben grows to 3 times his original size
>3 times his original size
>3 times
>Gaben realizes the inevitable has happened.
>He has reached the number 3
>His stomach bursts open
>Stomach acid and digested sandwich pieces spray your face.
>Wipe eyes
>See inside Gaben's stomach
>Half life 3, Team fortress 3, Left for dead 3, Portal 3.
>Turns out Gaben ate them.