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nobody ever remembers my birthday.....
nobody ever remembers my birthday.....
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My parents don't remember mine...
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Shouldn't have wiped out all record of your real identity then...
Shouldn't have wiped out all record of your real identity then...
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But in the killing joke they show his origin
User avatar #60 to #18 - Cambro (08/07/2012) [-]
The Joker says that if he should have a past, he "prefers for it to be multiple choice." The Joker has no definitive origin, and the origin proposed in the Killing Joke most perfectly fits the storyline of the graphic novel itself. Alan Moore (the writer) wished to tie Batman to the Joker by saying they are both mad due to the "Bad Day Mentality." It was then fitting that Alan Moore would involve Batman in the Joker's origin, forever tying them together from start to finish.
#20 to #18 - anon (08/06/2012) [-]
He gives loads of different stories. Never been 1 definitive back story.
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he fell in chemicals while fighting batman. he was red hood at that time. it's his true origin but not many people care because he's the ******* joker!
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Well.. that's one of the 15 different origins..
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Killing Joke...Great ******* comic.
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Says on this wiki for Batman : Under the Red Hood that Red Hood was a murdered Jason Todd (One of the Robins) which Batman revived in the Lazarus Pit, and who then disappeared.

I'm no DC comic expert but I haven't a ******* clue what was going on and I am simply asking if either one (or both) is correct as I know DC story lines can be numerous and confusing
User avatar #66 to #31 - Cambro (08/07/2012) [-]
The Red Hood is a tool that a gang used. The gang members would grab an informant or man to guide them on their robberies and they would make him dawn the Red Hood costume. Thus, cops would think he is the leader of the gang. That way, the Red Hood is never eliminated and no one in the gang can get tied to it. The Joker, as a man, was convinced to don the Red Hood in a mission. He was in the costume when he fell in a chemical vat and came out the Joker.

The wiki you read is actually wrong (sort of). The Joker killed Jason Todd (the second Robin). Supposedly, however, Superkid changed the universe's timeline and when he did it brought Jason Todd back to life. He escaped from his coffin, but was still severely wounded. Talia Az Ghul (Ra's daughter) recognized who he was and took him to the Lazarus Pit to heal his wounds. Dipping into the pit healed him, but drove him insane. he trained with the League of Shadows as Batman had in his past. He took on the Red Hood persona as a vigilante similar to Batman, but he actually killed people. Later (and currently), he is simply known as the Red Robin.

Sorry its so long, but there ya go.
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Actually, Jason Todd is still the red hood. He even has his ongoin seris following the New 52. It's called The red hood and the outlaws
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He did?
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No one's been able to get any info on who he is through forensics or the like. I'd imagine its safe to assume he wiped his records from all pertinent databases.
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