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I love that gif

Addy stickied it once
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Plasmids, with Ryan Industries.
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I am suprised to see Bartoszewski's face in here. But he's a good example of an old caveman i guess.
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well, i wasn't alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth so good thing it has been reposted
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The death of one is a tragedy; the death of many is a statistic.
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well obviously if you have 2 in a car and the car crashes and 1 dies then that is 1/2 of the children dead but if you have 50 in a bus and 10 die that is only 1/5 of the childeren dead
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*Bus Ro Dah
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They do have a metal bar at tooth level
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Cave Johnson here to unveil aperture's latest product THE BUS. Basically it's a giant sardine can on wheels used to transport the poor. Whoops, apparently I was supposed to say 'general public' guess some people are touchy on what they call these sad excuses for human beings. Anyways, we took out the airbags because we wanted to spice things up a bit. Now you can live every waking moment not knowing you're gonna live or die on this thing. If you're so concerned about a 'safe' bus, why don't you dump in $5,000 dollars worth of safety equpment into each bus? (that's an estimate there pal, boys in the lab were laughing when I made up that number. Apparently its way higher).

Cave Johnson, we're done here
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**shakeeb rolled a random image posted in comment #659 at the birth **
MFW wearing a seat belt
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in case anyone didnt know, its cuz kids would beat the **** out of each other with the
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It's also actually a lot safer. Sounds illogical but with the extra size of the bus and the amount of free space inside, you're better off in most cases not being strapped in if there's a crash.
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they have them in special ed busses though...are they trying to kill off the retards??
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Smaller buses? I'm not sure but there'll be a legit reason. Maybe they figure the chance of someone rear-ending a special ed bus is smaller than the kids climbing out the windows or getting stuck under a seat or something.
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I think in this case they would've been better off with seat belts.
Also larger vehicles have a higher change of tipping..
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What about busses like middle school/junior high?
If someone of that age group is sitting upright and there's a crash, they would probably break their nose.
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Do you have any idea how much MASS a school bus has?

If you are ever in an accident so bad that a BUS is on the losing end of that physics equation, then a two inch strap of nylon isn't gonna be much help.
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In before someone mentions airliners.

Passenger jets have seatbelts to hold you in place during extreme turbulance and rough landings.
You assume the crash position only because it makes it easier to kiss your ass goodbye.
Seatbelt or no, if you go down you're probably ****** .
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I think the theory is that the bus will just smash through anything that tries to stop it
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Normally I don't bitch about reposts, but I've seen this thing like 4 ******* times in the past 2 weeks. Getting sick of this **** FJ
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I waited for that day to come, never did.
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Its because no car is going to **** up a schoolbus, whereas a car can pretty much get totaled pretty easily and therefore, much easier to die in. Just sayin'
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Um. I dont know what I did to personally attack you but okay.
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He said " **** You" you can look to see what they said on there profiles.
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buh-bih-bih-buh-bih-bih-bih-buh-bitch, did I ******* stutter?
...This **** right here is what goes through my head every time I hear someone stuttering...every time.
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old repost is old
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