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#159 - thehornedking (08/03/2012) [-]
What conservatives say: I believe gay people have the right to be together, but I think that marriage should be between a man and a woman."   
What the liberals hear: "I hate gay people and demand they not be aloud to act gay in public."
What conservatives say: I believe gay people have the right to be together, but I think that marriage should be between a man and a woman."

What the liberals hear: "I hate gay people and demand they not be aloud to act gay in public."
#254 to #159 - anon (08/03/2012) [-]
marriage shouldnt be a legal institution in the first place.

love is a feeling shared between 2 "or in some cases more than 2) people...... not between 2 people and their government
User avatar #222 to #159 - RequieminMortis (08/03/2012) [-]
Still homophobic in nature. It's just more passive-aggressive in nature, which makes me less prone to want to bash the speaker's skull in for their idiocy the way I do blatant homophobes, but it's still wrong.
#197 to #159 - commonatrix (08/03/2012) [-]
So you're saying either way they still get ****** in the ass.
User avatar #164 to #159 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
maybe something ad nauseum...
User avatar #162 to #159 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]

I forget the term, something ex nihilo? Where you extend the opponent's argument to an idiotic scale beyond the context... like... "I think taxation should be reduced to increase corporate growth and create more jobs" is turned into "TAXES ARE FOR COMMUNISTS"

Something like that... I need to brush up on debate lingo... Though I have to ask, are you against civil union or holy union or just using the word marriage to describe civil union?
User avatar #297 to #162 - taxation (08/03/2012) [-]
taxation say what?
But at least this isn't another name-list for no reason.
User avatar #299 to #297 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
I'm finding all the people with the best usernames tonight!

Hey thumbs, chuckbob! Meet Taxi over here :D
User avatar #552 to #299 - thumbs (08/03/2012) [-]
hey :) Hi taxation... it is taking me a long time to get through all these notifications
User avatar #540 to #299 - chuckbob ONLINE (08/03/2012) [-]
Hello Sethorein o.o Hi taxation, neat to meet you
User avatar #548 to #540 - taxation (08/03/2012) [-]
Oh hi! Nice to meet you too!
User avatar #306 to #299 - taxation (08/03/2012) [-]
I'd not be surprised if they're users too.
And it might just be something about economic theories that brings out all the best funnyjunk has to offer. In which case, how the hell did I end up in this mix?
User avatar #335 to #306 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
I have no idea o.O

But yeah, those two are users, we've been calling on each other for the past day for the ***** 'n giggles... I think we're the only users who actually found a way to enjoy the new notifications...
User avatar #343 to #335 - taxation (08/03/2012) [-]
Well that's a good thing for you, because out of about 50 notifications, you're the only one that's not a name list. Damn those things, at least you have something good coming from this name-in-a-post **** .
User avatar #344 to #343 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
there should just be a filter. You choose which users you want to be able to notify you... derp....
User avatar #351 to #344 - taxation (08/03/2012) [-]
Or just choose not to have the notifications in my case. I hardly talk with anyone on here, just lurking so when out of nowhere OH YOUR NAME'S ON SOME DOUCHE WHO DELETED HIS ACCOUNT'S LIST, it gets to be a bit annoying. However, a good bit with a civilised person like yourself, I don't mind every once in a while. Thanks for this!
User avatar #174 to #162 - wisdombranch ONLINE (08/03/2012) [-]
Ex nihilo ---> "out of nothing" ||| Creationists believe that all matter of the universe was created by God, ex nihilo.

The phrase you are thinking of is closer to "ad infinum" I think.

User avatar #180 to #174 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
dang, I was just grasping at straws xD
User avatar #168 to #162 - thehornedking (08/03/2012) [-]
I'm using it as in civil union between two parties. It seems today that so many people turn a simple answer to a question about beliefs stemming from religion (the Chick-fil-a CEO) and turning it into a nationwide scandal, especially when there are a lot of people who would give the same answer. I personally don't believe in gay marriage, but I'm not gonna run around crashing their wedding if it's legal. I also think everyone has the right to be happy about who they are.
User avatar #179 to #168 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
I say, civil union, A-OK, holy union... a little less OK...

I mean a civil union has nothing to do with God, it's just about having "spouse" on your identification and being able to be considered next of kin at important junctures.

It's a little dicier when people try to validate a homosexual holy union since that really is kinda spitting in the face of religion...

Chik-fil-a CEO has every right to be a homophobe and the people of that city have every right not to eat at his store. The Mayor of Boston had no place condemning the CEO for having a personal view that was not in line with the general population. This is America, the land of the free. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and expression and so long as that CEO was not infringing on the rights of the homosexual community the local government had no right to get involved in his personal affairs.
User avatar #189 to #179 - thehornedking (08/03/2012) [-]
Exactly! Nobody is forcing the gay people to go eat there, and nobody is saying gay people can't go there and enjoy a sandwich. Just because he has a personal, religious view doesn't make him any sort of evil guy hell bent on destroying homosexuality.
#200 to #189 - femalealert (08/03/2012) [-]
Not saying I'm one of those "OMG CHICKFILA SHOULD DIE" people but i want to point out that they aren't just saying they dislike gay people. The CEO takes a good bit of the profit the company makes and uses it to fund anti gay things. So by buying a sandwich there you are indirectly funding homophobia
User avatar #205 to #200 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
K. So don't buy a sandwich there.
#207 to #205 - femalealert (08/03/2012) [-]
I quite enjoy cheap delicious sandwiches so I'm not stopping eating there anytime soon, i was just pointing out that you were mildly incorrect
User avatar #212 to #207 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
don't complain if you're still gonna indirectly fund him xD Otherwise that makes you kinda a hypocrite... He can do with his money what he wants, and you can do the same...
#216 to #212 - femalealert (08/03/2012) [-]
I wasn't complaining, just stating a fact. Its whatevs though. I don't care enough either way to have an opinion on the matter
User avatar #192 to #189 - Sethorein (08/03/2012) [-]
Having opinions in real life is just as dangerous as having them on funnyjunk... go figure...
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