Funny Test Answers 2. Disturbed Still Rocks, Along with Five Finger Death Punch<br /> EDIT: #3 Is now Here
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Funny Test Answers 2

Disturbed Still Rocks, Along with Five Finger Death Punch<br />
EDIT: #3 Is now Here

Tags: the | game | is | Lost
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#116 - ChloeSavedLatin **User deleted account** (05/03/2010) [+] (3 replies)
i was going to upload mine.

i drew a guy with a sheep on the bottom of one of my essays, saying 'pass this or the sheep gets it' and my teacher drew its head being blown off by a gun. i was amused :)
#1 - itzchan (05/02/2010) [+] (6 replies)
User avatar #115 - GameCheater (05/03/2010) [-]
some teachers seam pretty flexible with these grades. Im going to try them out :D!
User avatar #33 - Unholyken (05/02/2010) [-]
Huurrr lets have sex
#121 - Southerngurl (05/03/2010) [-]
I LOL'd at the Civil War one even though I'm Christian, but all I could picture was Jesus going to war with China right next to him and fighting a bunch of black dudes.
User avatar #113 - FacesFan (05/03/2010) [-]
that cat at the end made me lol hardcore...i like the giraffe also.."indeed +1"
#112 - Fallingleaf (05/03/2010) [-]
I don't care if these are reposts, I laughed my arse off.

"The Cival war was between china and pakistan" hahahaha
User avatar #60 - SirCumference (05/03/2010) [+] (1 reply)
I laughed so hard at the paper that guy turned in that i threw up.
This was no pussy throw up either.
This was genuine stuff here.
Top of the line.
And for that, i thank you.
#114 - anonymous (05/03/2010) [-]
lol i drew a lion. teacher: me too
#101 - VeritableVulpe (05/03/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Turn the student's lion upside down and you get an unhappy face.
#140 - anonymous (05/03/2010) [+] (2 replies)
wtf is absitnence
User avatar #142 to #140 - Monkeeslasher (05/03/2010) [-]
: / Its When You Go And RAPE Everything Around You.
#122 - anonymous (05/03/2010) [-]
at first i was like omg this is so ******* stupid then i got to the one about jesus and the civil war and almost started crying from laughter!!!!
User avatar #119 - gopedflyer (05/03/2010) [-]
I laughed so hard at the Jesus Civil war one!!!!! Nice!!!
User avatar #96 - satanic falcon (05/03/2010) [-]
Wtf...... I'd say that Abstinence cartoon was correct. Everyone needs to get laid eventually.
User avatar #44 - kylermannn (05/02/2010) [-]
Oh god, the first one made me turn into a roflcopter. The body language picture was so prime :D
#2 - anonymous (05/02/2010) [-]
i lol'ed
User avatar #37 - patriotic canadian (05/02/2010) [+] (4 replies)

thumbs for you for GIR.
#27 - FJlover (05/02/2010) [-]
I just love the "indeed +5" on there.
#9 - Strangeness (05/02/2010) [+] (1 reply)
lol'd at hw the teacher gave him a point for the giraffe.
User avatar #8 - gimmeyobabies (05/02/2010) [-]
oh my god... the civil war one literally made me piss my pants.
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