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In a perfect world,
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In a perfect world, people wouldnt even need religion and it would have never existed.
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This is us getting back at you for the oppression.

Just like how ******* steal our **** to get back at us for slavery.
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atheism isn't a religion -.-
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Actually in many ways it is as it operates under the same rules that religions fall under. Simply put, there is nor proof that a God does or does not exist. Therefore if you say there is no God that is a faith based statement.
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Faith is something someone believes based off of no real reasoning, logic, or physical evidence. While there may not be any physical evidence of a god, reasoning and logic tell us otherwise.
Can God create a rock too heavy for him to pick up?
That's proof enough. One of the characteristics of a god is omnipotence, and it's an all or nothing slot.
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Actually that is simply a cop out. Since there is no actual evidence proving without a doubt that God exists then you have to believe god does not exists. either way it is based on faith. Try to justify it anyway you like. The fact remains that until you can prove God does not exist you are believing he does not.
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No. Not believing in something does not take faith. There are things pointing against the belief in any god. Whether or not it definitively proves there is no god doesn't matter, I don't have "faith" there is no god. I'm quite sure there is no god. I have a belly button ring. You have no way of proving it, but you have no way of disproving it. You don't have faith either way on it. You don't know.
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But many can also argue that there are just as many things pointing to the existence in any god. Saying that you don't think there is a god is having faith that there is none. Just like if I was to believe you that your belly button is pierced without seeing it. I would be having faith in what you said. Your being "quite sure there is no god" is a faith based statement. You "believe" there is no god. Simple as that.
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There is no proof of any god, but proof against many. The Abrahamic god supposedly created the world in 6 days 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. We now know that's not possible. That's evidence against his being. I don't have faith that there is no god, because I don't know, but that doesn't mean I can't think it's highly unlikely.
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No where in the bible does it say the earth is only 10000 years old. It never says how old the earth or universe is. Thinking it is unlikely is still having faith. Also if you really want to go the "I don't know" route then you wouldn't be classified as an atheist.
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Okay, so by that logic, if you saw someone on trial for murder, and it was very reasonable to think that he is the killer, but you don't know, does that mean you don't really think he killed the person? It might not say that in the bible, but that's what is widely believed. The whole creation story is still obviously ******** , no matter when it took place.
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Well one to many people take the creation story literally instead of seeing it as a description of the steps of the formation of the universe. Most Christians do not believe the earth is only 10,000 years old. The bible says nothing about how old the earth is. You said you think it is highly unlikely that there is a god, which means you lean towards the belief that there is no God. If you really went the middle ground of "I don't know" then you wouldn't be classified as an atheist, but rather as an agnostic. They are very didn't
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I prefer the term agnostic-atheist. I realize there's no way to disprove god, but I don't believe in him. Obviously we have very different definitions of faith. And you really think that's what the bronze age desert tribe leaders were thinking about when they wrote down the original creation story? They knew nothing of science. Everything they wrote was meant to take literally.
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or so you assume. "iF" there is a god maybe it only told the story of the formation of the universe to the in a way they can understand. If you look at the simple steps described in the "creation" story of earth, they fit in with the scientific formation of the universe. Each stop simplifies the formation of earth.
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I would like you to elaborate, because what you just said makes absolutely no sense. How does it even slightly resemble to formation of the universe? He created light on 2(i think) day, then the light source on the fourth.
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www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+1&version=NIV Puts the formation of the planet into very simple terms. Think of who it was being explained to. Can't exactly get to sciencey with people back in those times. Think of it in terms of explaining it to a small child who doesn't really understand science.
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I call ********* , if i was the almighty creator of the universe and had all of his superpowers i would have the knowledge and the power to create a better method of speading my book, for example the bible is only reaching parts of africa now , it makes no sence to give the truth to a tiny group a few thousand years ago and expect it to make it around the world i no time, if a standard man was given this task and had gods power at his finger tips he would have droped the book in as many differnt languages and in as many differnt countrys as possable, therfore god is not all powerfull or he is not all knowing.
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That is assuming it cares as much as we like to think it does. I personally believe that if their is a God it really doesnt care what goes on on our little planet.
#321 to #316 - whyfalsewhy (08/01/2012) [-]
Your a Deist then? I think Deists are justified so fare play lol.

I'm atheist-agnostic i take the world as that, as far as a i know their is no god but i haven't heard about all possible gods, so i can't discount them all.
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I believe that there could be a god or gods. I believe that all the gods throughout history could have existed or not. Do I really think they care about what goes on now? Not really.
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I'm confused, that was just the first chapter of Genesis. I've read it before. How does that prove your point?
User avatar #311 to #310 - EvilFluffyBunny (08/01/2012) [-]
You have to look at the steps it describes about the creation of earth.
See if this helps you: http://www.keyway.ca/htm2002/sevncrea.htm
User avatar #318 to #311 - cullenatorguy (08/01/2012) [-]
The thread reach max length I think, so I'm replying here. I used to think that. That used to be my way of coping with why the world is the way it is. I mean, surely there has to be some sort of creator, right? Later on I realized that I was in a denial. If you've always held those views, you may not be, but if they've evolved over time, from a loving god to an absent creator, then you may or may not be on the road to at least agnosticism.
User avatar #340 to #318 - EvilFluffyBunny (08/02/2012) [-]
I believe that there is something that started it all out there. If it did speak to humankind I think its words were twisted. I dont think it really cares anymore after seeing what we have done. prolly has many other civilizations on other worlds to worry about. Do I believe in a creator? Yes. Do I worship it? No.
User avatar #315 to #311 - cullenatorguy (08/01/2012) [-]
Whoever wrote that page did a very good job. It was interesting reading that, and all it really seemed like when I thought about it was wishful thinking. It didn't come across as science and religion fitting hand in hand, science would still exist even if religion didn't. What it seemed like was science is the cool kid on the block and religion is young and trying to look just as cool as science. Apart from that, it also begs the question of, "Why would any god care about Earth when there's a whole universe out there?" Why would he? There are over 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the observable universe. That's crazy. There are about 200 billion in this galaxy alone, and about 200 billion other galaxies besides it. That's only in the area we can see, there's probably vast amounts of other galaxies in the universe that we can't see, whose light has yet to reach us. What god would care about us? We so uncivilized and don't even have the technology to send a man to our nearest planet. The miracle that is life may be special, but Humans are going to **** everything up.
User avatar #317 to #315 - EvilFluffyBunny (08/01/2012) [-]
I view as creationism and evolution as one thing. I just view it almost like a God's science experiment. Set things in motion and let it happen. Maybe at one point a diety cared about what happened here, but it doesn't seem like they do anymore. Besides there are probably billions of other civilzations out there that are less advanced and more advanced than us. We really are not as special as we like to think we are. That's my view.
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Atheists are like the old gays.
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What about that huge period of time in history in which scientists and non-believers were systematically tortured and murdered? Religion is nothing but a tool of oppression.

******* deal wit' it.
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So your logic is based on the behavior of other religions hundreds or thousands of years old, and you judge people today? Who mostly leave you alone, and just want to worship their God in peace? I'm a Christian, and I believe someone can believe whatever they want. I've put trying to convert people long behind me. They can burn in hell for all I care. So how about we leave us alone so we can worship God, or whatever other relgions prefer, and we leave you alone so you can worship the great scientists that like to offend us also.
User avatar #337 to #323 - oxan (08/02/2012) [-]
See, that's the thing. You sit there and have a sense of superiority because you're going to heaven, and everyone else burns in hell. What's worse is you don't even give a **** . You say that I can burn in hell with such indifference.

That is why we hate you. You truly are terrible people, but you're so blinded by your religion you can't see what dicks you really are. So **** you, and **** your god.

Oh, and maybe the fact you still believe in the teachings of a book that inspired the Crusades, witch-burning, stoning, etc (general torture and mass murder of huge amounts of people, and the oppression and what not). The Bible hasn't changed since then. You do nothing but pick the parts you like, and ignore the parts you don't.

You, sir, are the worst kind of ignorant arsehole there is.
User avatar #354 to #337 - severepwner (08/03/2012) [-]
You think we're dicks because a lot of us have given up on you? You made us like this. You've pissed us off and every available turn. You guys act like you're innocent constantly, you say we're ignorant yet you trash talk us all the time for no reason, then act like we started it. You refuse to let us just worship what we like, and I'm sure you would gladly kill every Christian. And you say we're dicks and ignorant.
User avatar #357 to #354 - oxan (08/04/2012) [-]
And honestly, Christianity is still the predominate religion in most Western countries. Being an atheist is just like being any other minority. Thanks for the **** , yo.
User avatar #356 to #354 - oxan (08/04/2012) [-]
Well... you did ******* start it, all those thousands of years ago. You guys act innocent, talking about love and all that 'Christian' ******** , while ignoring the atrocities people committed in the name of Christ. To this very day, you are committing acts of terrorism.

You are not innocent. As long as you hold the same beliefs as extremists, you are in part responsible for their crimes. You allow religion to thrive, and people to be brainwashed.

I wouldn't kill any Christian simply because they're Christian. Rather, I'd like to see you realise how ******* stupid your beliefs are like I did.
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*you leave us alone
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