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#12 - ninjatunarocks (07/30/2012) [-]
Okay, let's stop the ******** . There are women who act like total stuck up feminist bitches who only want to be superior, but let's face it; there are men like that too. There are dick heads on both sides, can we agree on this? Yes? No?

I'll shut up now.
#55 to #12 - ilgattozaiga (07/30/2012) [-]
Actually I think the dicks are on the men's side.

That was a horrible joke, I'm sorry
User avatar #252 to #55 - ninjatunarocks (07/31/2012) [-]
I still laughed.
#16 to #12 - bluematterman (07/30/2012) [-]
I think not. I see you've got some green thumbs, so odds are my argument is going down, but I don't give a **** . There are a lot of sexist men who believe themselves to be superior to women, but there's a fine line between these dick-heads and feminist bitches. When a feminist preaches the rights of women and create double standards, other women support them. Some men even support them. But when a man claims he needs more rights, even his bros don't side with him. I'm not saying you're wrong, but women get away with a lot more than men because of social standards. Example: Several grown women kiss a young boy. This act is considered funny, cute, and otherwise acceptable. However, if grown men started kissing a young girl, the cops show up. Not even other men will support men when they do things women can do.
User avatar #253 to #16 - ninjatunarocks (07/31/2012) [-]
I guess but there are sexist men too. The sexist women and men who think their gender should be superior both exist. I'm just saying there are dickheads too because by the looks of it, that woman was acting like a dick head, wouldn't you say?
User avatar #153 to #16 - starvaggi (07/30/2012) [-]
But... if there are multiple sexist men in the world, there will be other sexist men to agree with the sexist man.

It's just a matter of the radical feminists having more women on their side than the sexist men do.
User avatar #30 to #16 - myrtille (07/30/2012) [-]
That's ******* ******** . Barely any women are feminists. The idiots in this world are the loud and obnoxious ones. You know what?
I'm ******* poor
I don't expect my boyfriend to spend money on me, and I also don't have any money for myself to do anything
Sometimes he pays for me because he wants to do something and it's just being nice
not caving in or doing what society expects of him, but being a nice PERSON
Some people just DON'T GIVE A **** about what "society thinks" even though the extremists form a very ******* small portion of the world.
I'm pretty sure ACTUAL society can't agree on anything because everybody has a different view on everything
in fact, society is an illusion. so whatever. you can think you're treated unfairly and the world is against you, but that's the dumbest way to live that I've ever heard.
#20 to #16 - bazda (07/30/2012) [-]
Just like the Twilight premiere. If it had been a couple hundred 30-35 year old men swooning over a 17 year old girl, someone would have called the cops.
User avatar #184 to #20 - HollyWobbles (07/30/2012) [-]
Robert Pattinson wasn't 17 though.
User avatar #31 to #20 - myrtille (07/30/2012) [-]
That's retarded. No one would call the cops on a national premiere according to who was in the audience.
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