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User avatar #2807 - albita
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(07/31/2012) [-]
Loool, well, I don't agree with any of these people but if I have to choose I would agree more with the boy.
At first, I just want to point out that we dress whatever we want and we get laid with how many we want. It's true that obviously dressing more provocative we will attract more men, but if a man wants something with us and we say ''NO'' and he forces us, that's his ******* fault and not ours. We are not doing anything bad wearing a mini-skirt or whatever, however, the man does bad if he forces us because we dress provocatively.
Some girls dress like that because they feel pretty and sexy. Obviously if I wear something nice I like boys to look at me but it's your fault if you do something more than looking at.

Why can you guys get laid with all the girls you think they are attractive and when you do you are all champions and if we women do are a whore?
So if I find a handsome guy and I talk a little with him and therefore I find him attractive because of his personality or whatever, why am I a whore if I get laid with him? ****, he is handsome, he respects me, I like him, he likes me, the attraction is mutual and I'm a whore and he is a champion?
Those are the only things I don't agree with the guy. All the rest is true. Everytime I go out with a man I don't let him pay, or maybe I do but other day I invite him and there is the equality, if we girls say they must pay just because they are men and even they are saying they are feminist (which in reality is a movement in favour of the EQUALITY, I don't know the name in english for that movement which says women are better than men, but that's what girls like her are) I find that so hypocritical, then you are not defending equality, you are defending that women are better than men and therefore you are the same **** than sexist men...
#2832 to #2807 - anon id: e523af09
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(08/04/2012) [-]
think about this; a guy having sex with a girl is like a key going into a lock. wouldn't it be cool to have a key that can open a tone of locks? it's like a guy with many women. but then again, a lock opened by any key kinda blows (no pun intended).

also, guys really don't look up to manwhores as well as women. they are looked at like douches and tools. that's why i keep my sex life to myself. so both manwhores and regular whores suck (no pun intended)
User avatar #2811 to #2807 - sistervampire [OP]
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(08/01/2012) [-]
First of half the **** your saying is not realistic.

and your
"Why can you guys get laid with all the girls you think they are attractive and when you do you are all champions and if we women do are a whore? "

Its simple. Boys and girls are different, other boys will look at that guy and think of him an an alpha. While other girls will get mad at the girl and the guy because that's some mental **** they do. And your completely wrong with some of the things you are saying. He wasn't saying all girls are whores for having sex once. ITS MULTIPLE ******* TIMES. A whore isn't some girl who's had sex only once or twice. Obviously you went into a rage from reading that, that you denied all the points that made it sexist.
User avatar #2814 to #2811 - albita
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(08/01/2012) [-]
And I wasn't into a rage, I was just giving my opinion, I like debating :)
User avatar #2813 to #2811 - albita
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(08/01/2012) [-]
I think you misread what I said, he said: ''then don't dress as a slut and you won't get raped''. Getting raped is men' fault, not ours.
Most of the times if I'm not wrong, people look at the girl very bad and call her slut, I know that many of that people are girls (I don't call such a thing to any girl)
I have always seen a group of boys saying: Oh!! You have got laid with 3 last night! Very good sir! you will have to teach me how you do it!
I added the whore thing in general, not because of this guy said.
Yes, a girl isn't who's had se only once or twice, or three times or four times, or whatever many times she's had while she is out of compromise...
#2834 to #2813 - ffewffew
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(08/06/2012) [-]
Here. More red thumbs for you, ma'am.
User avatar #2835 to #2834 - albita
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(08/06/2012) [-]
Look at all the ***** I give :P
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