Epic story from /b/. Op fights off some and regales us all with an amazing greentext story. Not mine all credit goes to this crazy . We 1343524262800 pg-( V/ KB Epic story from /b/ Op fights off some and regales us all with an amazing greentext Not mine credit goes to this crazy We 1343524262800 pg-( V/ KB
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Epic story from /b/

Epic story from /b/. Op fights off some and regales us all with an amazing greentext story. Not mine all credit goes to this crazy . We 1343524262800 pg-( V/ KB

Op fights off some ******* and regales us all with an amazing greentext story. Not mine all credit goes to this crazy ******

We 1343524262800 pg-( V/ KB, 320x240, )
l S M E LL Anonymous on /) 07/ 20/ 12( 11 02 No 415323203 T h e
we 15
class (army
bretty good place
Minna w want to wurking money
gets me summerjob we Vegas
mln vegas weaking shaved roe shack
wet so good pare below minium wage and works hour days of
wake 4009 for 5 days
pretty nappy w actually have money
wast day before w go back home
Balack ass naggers come up
s good do you know what sue you want?'
wean regularity Lonng strawberry and screecap man
Maw rt up we tamer us no ) I
50 Fit
perfect opporunity
need about treaty“
we gaves me death gaze
Twalks on
weer water
Names back wrte a couple (Hands pssed
Posttwo we rewires
Anonymous on , 07/ 28/ 12( Sal) 21 18 51 No 415324425
wiggers come back up, we all We
we has look ora niggerino had ms we stolen
win . w tap on men from regestered Jeannette we
we weeks at me entire Mme, when ms wth ms order (ween came upto T 00) he looked at me, and sad
How much w need new ?'
r( , new miner the stupiest or meanest ever says
wwo payments tree my please'
hwehwe wet week mm we the eye
m gammy scared fur we
Stan screaming at mm no hang a rams! bastard
start around, the nagger scream
nnigger no 3 pulls out a ken, was to stab co worker through the waneer we take orders hum
rthe worker trusses, crowd grabs the nagger and pushes new on
we gets taken by cops tor attempted assault we a deadly
Two days water
ihavent been able to leave, needed to stay for nagger no 3 tral as amines: or some sent
Part 3 coring up
Cl Anonymous no semen / 20/ 12( sat) 21 26 41 No 415325606
day, all the naggers and teem buddez are there
casually, w dont care tor dressing fancy tor the Conn:
Hoggers stare at my whole urns kong me we teen nagger brews
upto the stand
What happened, anon?'
r" Well, we were our we when (nagger no up and asks fur a regular we and kneecap, Much total to three dollars and my cents"
m" w made awoke, sayang 'l need ", then had stomped 097"
Argument one wanna that was rams! or not ensued
on tor an new or so, all based owe from earner
woes on one when the stabbing almost happened
about new w deemed to make thanks agaen, but we ms mend
r' So, you wan cause a reactlon "
no t was a joke
wean wee stand
wry sent, for about? hours
smthng we coshocker, wondring what w happen
pan 4 comm; up
Anonymous on % ) ( 34 29 No 415326825
came: back
We, theguyy, nee (nagger no 3) / attempted assault min adeptly weapon (C
Fuckyes W
and coshocker are practilly cheering
Hoggers week twee, brotherdeath gaze at us
Nudge gees sentence, 3 memes of huoratron, 50 hours service
and coworker bust out , sums gluing at us
migger no 2 leaps up, and charges at us
Phatass guard pulls maze!
aon' T MOVE on I' LL TAZE vow
care, charges at us
phatty hris tam, erating we we step
we Tans on ms face, breaking ms nose. then lays there, noun
weeks at mm
at us
party's nan
Anonymous on ) (( 40 40 No 415327047
migger on the Noor, tor the tam
eeveryone working at us
mahout 30 seconds
phatty breaks science
r" alight Anons, lets get you out were (F
twalks us out, Tend nagger out tor ms nose and niggerness
we and homwork) celebrate we some Downes
we ass nght
wee manslater
haven' t wen, nave to wart a long ass twee because parents (we drove me to vegas) only have so many days on a meme, and they used the last tor the day w was gonna be piked up
shack, man! as well
norm day, a slow
blackmane we eustace
on fuck no
mlt' s nagger no 1, w gun or w wen the state
coshocker, the badass one working we shack
other coworker to work megster
up hoods, % roe
Anonymous on ) / 28/ 12( Sat) 21 46 " No 415329012
M few customers come we, then nagger no scum's up
r' Yeah, we We a small win an we cream, , and some snowpaw'
rs 3 50, agaen
back a smaker, hard as hell
a whee to make the shaved we, the had to be rambled
r' YO, WHAT we FUCK S TAKING so LON( yww"
a In then starts on the cone, machene hugging up
wane up, win rt
accadently cut my hager on the blade
uturn around, reaching no the kt
m looking straght we 719967710 1' s eyes
on wk
mms sowwe drops, he weeks We he' s gonna shack and come we and rape me
Preaches hand through the , (Mug to grab wee
rate's back and , dam helene me (Trey ass shack)
sorry tbr long post tune, m not a fast type!
Anonymous on ) ( Satify 50 41 No 415329751
smile's No 1
we' s slew reaching through the . coshocker rs scared swiss: too
we swans through the waneer
Rum around and try to unlock door, t sucks and sowwe to wee
Meade to lack door, sway locks
moun We down the , me
everywhere, dowry nowing
voheea rs
to lose stamina
Pat ' next
Anonymous on ) ( 54 51 No 415330419
Alright, m gonna start typng Taster, mind and thigs
Ano naking one how m gonna we through ths
nagger engages we nagger rage
adoable (wines wt to me
attempt to escape
at ms face
ms mm straight we the mouth, knocking mm down, but only tor a second
We agaen
migger screams as blood comes out ms hp
back towards the shack, nearly dead from the exhausted
unpeople are we front wee shack, tawking happened
Khorne back screaming HELP
naggers behnd wee
eeveryone weeks scared smile's
through crow. then mass behnd the shack, noping the see me
Part 9 next
Anonymous on , 07/ ( 58 36 No 415331071
hereing helene the shack, bascally sweating heme
wear the nagger screaming from -20 yres away
were ms not steps
wan fucking hyperventilated, rehang rt he hnds me we fucked
repeats the same thog operand twee, We amazed mete head
was (MEN dont know
we doesnt behave rt, sayang teem 'working we me
sniggers starts my
Mien: sayang my w/ l we my head no some reason
migger sees me
Part 10, the next
Anonymous on ) ( 06 27 No 415332465
nagger stares me we the naking eyes, we practilly crying ho myself
Yrye wucking put mm we pan, you stupd cum!"
and teaing up, new we we gonna ewe
sorry, he med to stab anew
smoky: We a madman
out a Mme swiss army
t' meean
rill's rt out, then people get rt hum mm he turns wt to teem
waves l at teem
twin sneak away
nagger sees
on my sewn, what w found out waterme be a fracture
M start fucking hawking my eyes out, note pawn and Tear of drnk
migger weeks around, then weeks back at me
Vou' re gonna pay tor what you dd to (nagger no T
fucking sothing
fgets down close we the knfe, sen
someone helene mm
keep ms attetion on me
down tor a second, w more whee w can
steps on ms arm we the we then lacks mm we the teeth
Amok one
mlt' s my coshocker, the mass
we saved my we
we watts my story,
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**syyda rolled a random image posted in comment #31244 at FJ Pony Thread 14 ** how it should have ended: "You're gonna pay for what you did to ****** no. 3" "How much" "About tree fiddy"
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found a pic of op as a child.
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#43 - bagofshenanigans
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Hey look! A 4chan post having nothing to do with spaghetti or dinosaurs!
Hey look! A 4chan post having nothing to do with spaghetti or dinosaurs!
#59 - paras
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#11 - cweepew
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OP's face when
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**attentivecrane rolls 39**
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**nabvont rolls 25**
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**DontDeleteMeAgain rolls 84**
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**nabvont rolls 22**
User avatar #64 to #61 - nabvont
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Your ****** has been returned, as payment, I took the other 23 *******
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i could give you tree fidy to return 15 of the original *******
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