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>Be a photographer at local mall "Glamour Shots"
>Get lots of family portraits, little league-ers, lonely singles takin' pics for dating sites, and a lot of fat ugly hoes tryna look sexy.
>HATE my job. Never used a camera in my life before this job. Still best in shop.
>So bored. Must find entertainment.
>Start set with new customers.
>Begin as normal. Get them dolled up and looking not so fugly. Generic background. A few odd poses. Couple different angles.
>"Okay, we're gonna do one more with the two of you. Now, Janet, place your left hand on his shoulder. Paul, if you could turn slightly to the COCK SUCKING ****!
>Snap picture
>Apologize. Excuse it away as tourettes and continue as normal.
>Not another word comes out of their stupid ******* mouths.
>Work is finally interesting.
>Do this every day, several times a day, for about a week and a half.
>Start a collection of shock-faced photos.
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