THANKS!. .. im so going to hell for making this
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#70 - carlose (07/28/2012) [-]
im so going to hell for making this
User avatar #103 to #70 - jizzmonster (07/28/2012) [-]
nice paint skills
User avatar #105 to #70 - finalkai (07/28/2012) [-]
so you all in hell
#250 to #70 - thatommygun ONLINE (07/28/2012) [-]
I welcome you to Norway
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User avatar #512 to #306 - Corlan (08/05/2012) [-]
To hell and back and back to hell and back?
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#469 to #306 - youlosthegame (07/28/2012) [-]
Lion is so ugly
Lion is so ugly
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#90 to #77 - hornetfourteen (07/28/2012) [-]
oh god please no
#75 to #70 - neosonic (07/28/2012) [-]
Felt so bad for laughing. Here have this
Felt so bad for laughing. Here have this
#72 to #70 - deathskream (07/28/2012) [-]
I laughed harder than I thought I would. We'll be needing this.
#104 - bossmanholms (07/28/2012) [-]
**bossmanholms rolled a random image posted in comment #19 at Because goldfish CAN'T UNSEE! ** the father
User avatar #106 to #104 - eraq (07/28/2012) [-]
omg lol
#182 to #104 - braviary (07/28/2012) [-]
I don't care what anyone thinks, this is the best damn thing I've seen all day
I don't care what anyone thinks, this is the best damn thing I've seen all day
#114 to #104 - EvilSquiggly (07/28/2012) [-]
Oh my **** I spit out my Dr. Pepper you funny bastard.
#107 to #104 - anahbell (07/28/2012) [-]
I.. am going to hell for laughing.
I.. am going to hell for laughing.
User avatar #23 - xxAnnekaxx (07/28/2012) [-]
Personally, I think it's cruel making somebody live like that.
#47 to #23 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
Well, I say if the physical deformities cause no physical pain or danger then they should live to decide for them self.
User avatar #8 - damphyr (07/27/2012) [-]
I know I am going to get thumbed down for this but it barely looks human. I mean....ew. Ok it's a living breathing human being but if that little bundle of joy smiled at me I would probably think it was trying to eat me.
#297 to #8 - quintillious (07/28/2012) [-]
id probably hit it with a brick
#45 to #8 - UnforgivenSins (07/28/2012) [-]
Dude 99% of the people are thinking the same exact thing. Don't feel alone.
#7 - ragingbrony ONLINE (07/27/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Our little Watto then grew and lead a "successful" life as a Junk Dealer.
#190 - ieatbengay (07/28/2012) [-]
#192 to #190 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
#1 - senordick (07/27/2012) [-]
sup brah
User avatar #508 to #1 - deniercz (07/29/2012) [-]
I was in that room last night. I hid in the wardrobe but I was too afraid to look out of it. Now I see how that ****** looks :D
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#345 - dvmaster (07/28/2012) [-]
inb4 12 year olds saying she's beautiful
inb4 12 year olds saying she's beautiful
User avatar #348 to #345 - hornyharris (07/28/2012) [-]
why does joel have a cut out of gus?
#377 to #348 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
Because they love each other
#364 to #348 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
Why not??
#361 to #345 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
Dont worry, all the 12 year old bieber loving bitches are on facebook.
#167 - sandrawale (07/28/2012) [-]
Sup bro
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#29 to #15 - soulkiller (07/28/2012) [-]
Yeah, totally
#101 - purplesocks (07/28/2012) [-]
MFW I saw the baby.
MFW I saw the baby.
#81 - keduti (07/28/2012) [-]
Oh my god.
User avatar #69 - cnlsanders (07/28/2012) [-]
why isn't this in the turtles channel?
#80 to #69 - radtroll (07/28/2012) [-]
you sir have your own sweet in hell xD
User avatar #84 to #80 - themastermorris (07/28/2012) [-]
i believe you mean "suite"
User avatar #85 to #84 - radtroll (07/28/2012) [-]
I used a redneck meme for a reason :)
User avatar #86 to #85 - themastermorris (07/28/2012) [-]
ahhh, i see
#154 to #69 - cnlsanders (07/28/2012) [-]
seriously though.
#156 - durden (07/28/2012) [-]
Mom, dad. I'm home.
#385 - nuuuuuuuuu (07/28/2012) [-]
I dont think i'm a pussy but,

this actually made me feel incredibly sad
User avatar #396 to #385 - parrotgod (07/28/2012) [-]
You're not the only one... if that child's brain case is entirely intact normal and functional....then imagine the horror that child will have growing up through multiple surgeries just to appear normal, or if surgery isn't reconstructive enough, the permanent suffering that woman has just inflicted on that soul.

I'm under the impression if you don't make it out of the womb, you go to the back of the que and wait your turn to be alive yet again. A little like reincarnation, but if you only get one life and no one returns you to the beginning of the que knowing your existance may be miserable and full of hateful comments, then that person gets removed from the que entirely when they die and they come back as a dog, or a cow, or something that's going to have an equally short miserable life to suffer through.
User avatar #401 to #396 - privatepumpanickel (07/28/2012) [-]
that woman has "inflicted" ?
She's had that child not caring how it looks, and loving it unconditionally anyway. She will have to suffer cruel comments and the fact this picture is circulating round the net right is it in any way her fault? She is probably trying her hardest to raise that child as a happy human being. Look at how pleased she looks?
Imagine how strong she has to be caring for that child despite its looks? I think youre mentally delusional.
User avatar #474 to #401 - parrotgod (07/28/2012) [-]
I could not bring a child into the world who looked like that knowing the medical complications would be beyond me to care for. I would have terminated, cold or callous as that sounds there are people who think it's a courageous to bring a child who has problems like this into the world, and other's who live with a cousin who's barely getting by with constant pain and surgeries and despite his smile she knows he's suffering. I love, my little cousin so very much you have no idea. But it kills me every, god, damn, time, he goes into another surgery to prolong his life a few more months. His facial displasia with down syndrome is not quite as aggressive as her's.... but I know he only smiles for his mom and dad, and when they are gone you can hear him weeping quietly.
User avatar #476 to #474 - privatepumpanickel (07/28/2012) [-]
that is very sad that youve experienced that, but my point is it isnt the worst deformity to live with in the world. There is people who live with it and are genuinely happy despite having difficulties they have. I found this extract from a website focusing around it. -
""I have Treacher Collins Syndrome," she said, then she explained it. It is a genetic disease that affects certain facial structures. The disease made it impossible for her to sleep during the night with out a surgically inserted tube into her air passage way called a trach. Amie was also born deaf but because of the presence of an inner ear, she could wear a type of hearing aid that is wore like a head band, giving her almost completely normal hearing. I asked her if people had teased her as a little child; "A little" she replied. I asked her if she minded talking about this and her response was that people automatically assumed she did, but she really did not mind at all. I thought then how stupid I was to be afraid of asking and how dumb it was for people in general to be afraid of getting to know people like Amie.

We grew together to be best friends. Some nights after baby-sitting, if I was in her neighborhood, we would on the spur of the moment have a sleepover. Our friendship grew. We laughed through my many guy problems and her lack of them. We shared our secrets and problems. Amie was always there with some words of wisdom that seemed to fit into every situation, even ones she had never been in. She was there to tell me I was being stupid or to tell me to shut up. I do not know why I was there, because Amie already believed in herself, even more than I believed in myself.""
if the people who have the syndrome see this comments thread, they would be angry at the fact that people assume they cant live their lives in a relatively functional way. Also i'm just glad some people are okay with abortion on this site, im sick of hearing all the pro lifers
User avatar #478 to #476 - parrotgod (07/28/2012) [-]
I'm just glad this is an intelligent conversation rather than a straight out internet fight. I can see your point. But I am not one of those people who would be strong enough to go through this for my child I pray very hard that I will have a child without disabilities. "I" cannot personally do it.

I'm not angry at my aunt either for being able to do it for Jayden, I know, she gave up her career to be home with him full time while her husband works full time to afford his medical care.

I guess my true ire is really directed at the people who are the "Look at me, pity me," people who have received special children. I was in special ed for a behavior disorder for 10 years of my time in public schools. I was in class with a lot of kids with Down, Autisim, Cerebral Palsy, Severe bipolar disorder but thank god no skitzofrentics. And when we had the parent teacher meetings eeeeeevery year, there were always at least 2 or 3 kids who came in with parents who thought their angel was more entitled than the rest of us. There's just so many layers to this topic, but I'm glad you and Arnie are friends and were able to connect in that fashion.

Growing up a friend of mine lived next door to my grandparent's. Same age as me, spinal biffida, same name as me. I grew up whole with Severe ADHD but for the most part normal, her, I always felt a weird parallel between us, wondering if in some other universe it was me in that chair because we looked so much alike with the same name. She's still alive, was able to get a job as a greeter at Kmart with my cousin, but forever she'll have to be semi assisted and will always be in a wheel chair. She's the only one I've never felt sorry for, because I've never heard her complain. And we were practically raised side by side for the first 6 years of our lives.
User avatar #480 to #478 - privatepumpanickel (07/28/2012) [-]
That was quote from a website, I dont actually know that person lol..
I also went through them schools! Although only part-time.. I have Borderline Personality disorder, so from a bullying perspective, I know how it feels to be constantly judged.
And yeah, there is some girl I know from school who had a child who is constantly in and out of hospital with severe brain damage-related problems..its as if she needs people to treat her like Mother Teresa to get through it. I pity her I do, but its constant statuses about how hard it is for her and how her son is like God's soon as you mentioned people like that I immediately thought of her. I just recently removed her from my facebook because of the constant statuses saying how amazing her little boy is, and the idiots who feed her with comments like "he is the most beautiful boy ive seen" etc.
All in all i'm beginning to see how people shouldnt have to live with this problem. BUT, the way that other guy was putting it across was harsh. Its STILL going to be hard as a mother to let go of her child, for all we know she could suffer with the guilt of it every single day.
User avatar #481 to #480 - parrotgod (07/28/2012) [-]
I've suffered through 3 miscarriages....believe me letting go of a child, and being childless is one of the most crippling pains I've ever experienced. It makes you feel like a failure to turn to your spouse and say, "I'm sorry I couldn't do better." it's wonderful that he never blames me or is angry with me despite the fact we both want children so very bad. I'm a christian, my husband is a borderline athiest, and while I never say it out loud, I'd like to think each loss is God's way of sparing me from having to make that difficult choice because something was wrong with the pregnancy to begin with.
User avatar #483 to #481 - privatepumpanickel (07/28/2012) [-]
im 7 month pregnant at the moment with a healthy girl. I couldnt imagine the pain you had to go through, im sorry. Before I found out about the pregnancy (I found out at about 3 month) I was a very heavy drinker. I was terrified that something would be wrong, but now havent touched alcohol - which goes without saying - and ive been very very lucky. That is why I sympathize right now with this woman who was told her child would have something severely wrong with them and have to make the choice.
User avatar #485 to #483 - parrotgod (07/28/2012) [-]'s strange in a way how we both came away with completely different experiences based on that picture. I wonder if the poor guy whom we've been doing nothing but comment on has been reading this entire thread?
#488 to #485 - privatepumpanickel (07/28/2012) [-]
here is a gif in return for all of my babbling.
here is a gif in return for all of my babbling.
User avatar #486 to #485 - privatepumpanickel (07/28/2012) [-]
what poor guy? In the pic?
User avatar #495 to #486 - parrotgod (07/29/2012) [-]
That "Nuuuuuu" user wayyyy up at the top
User avatar #496 to #495 - privatepumpanickel (07/29/2012) [-]
oh. LOL
yeah, would he have been recieving notifications?
User avatar #497 to #496 - parrotgod (07/29/2012) [-]
Eh for the first two responses I'd think. Btw, I may have accepted your friend request but I'm still going to hold it over your head that you called me, "Mentally delusional." When we're on funnyjunk right now and we both know that's only one step up from 4chan, and 2 steps up from 9gag.
User avatar #498 to #497 - privatepumpanickel (07/29/2012) [-]
didnt you add me?
And why add me if youre "holding something against me"?
User avatar #499 to #498 - privatepumpanickel (07/29/2012) [-]
scratch the quotations
User avatar #500 to #499 - parrotgod (07/29/2012) [-]
^ Read it again. I'm making a joke that you are calling the kettle black my dear. If you are on FJ, you're just as delusional as me. *smirk*
#184 - thechosentroll (07/28/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Well, there goes the boner I had after that snickers post.
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User avatar #26 to #13 - Dfurg (07/28/2012) [-]
Whats the story behind this girl?
#57 to #13 - Lintutu (07/28/2012) [-]
she severely reminds me of the first boss from splatter house 3
#353 - unfitacorn (07/28/2012) [-]
This springs to mind
#376 to #353 - bogbean (07/28/2012) [-]
That thing must have impregnated her.
#403 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
This is Juliana on the left and another girl Danica on the right.

They both have a rare hereditary condition called 'Treacher Collins syndrome' that basically deforms the face. Clearly Julianas is worse than the others, she has gone through multiple surgeries and is currently in the process of being given 'cheek bones' using a bone from her rib, Clearly this will be ongoing.
#410 to #403 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
I have symptoms of not giving a **** ? I think it may be fatal, wait no I just don't give a **** .
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