mother fckers. .


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Actually this is a quote from The Walking Dead.
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Tesla is the greatest mind in the modern world. He created so many things that took 50+ years for other people to even think about. If I could meet anyone in history, it would be him.
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**krizz rolled a random image posted in comment #99 at I got this ** but in the end, they're all just *************
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The thing about about crazy ************* is

They sound like crazy mother fu-CHIMICHANGA

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isn't this a speech Abraham gave in the walking dead?
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**comicsguy rolled a random image posted in comment #181 at Big universe ** MFW smart
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it's true people say all four of me sound kinda crazy sometimes.
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Amazing character...
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Abraham, right?

I love those comics. They're so addicting.
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dammit i was gonna post that

its good to see someone actually reads the comics, way better than the tv-show
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I really like both, but yes the comics have been better than the tv-show.
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In order to be a real smart 			************		 you need to be able to explain the smart 			****		 you know, so that even dumb 			*************		 can understand how crazy smart a 			************		 you really are. If you cant do this youre just a crazy 			************		 who nobody is capable of understanding - because thats how 			*******		 smart you are.
In order to be a real smart ************ you need to be able to explain the smart **** you know, so that even dumb ************* can understand how crazy smart a ************ you really are. If you cant do this youre just a crazy ************ who nobody is capable of understanding - because thats how ******* smart you are.
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I have gotten so that I dumb everything down, regardless of who I am talking to. Pisses my wife off because she isn't an idiot.
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I was told once that the way to prove that you truly grasp a concept is to be able to explain it to someone who doesn't know anything about it. If you can do that, then you very likely have a full understanding of what your talking about. Or your just good at talking. Whichever.
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Not true. When you're that smart you assume everyone can understand it as easily as you and end up just getting frustrated with dumb people failing.
#59 to #55 - anon (07/28/2012) [-]
hahahahah. I have had that problem. It has taken me 4 years to figure out that when I help people I should teach them the same method as the teachers, not the one I created for myself.
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I study economics and social sciences, I'm not a dumb person - but if someone talks to me about physics like they would with someone who also studies physics I dont understand any of it.
If they are smart and truly understand it, they will be able to break down the complexity so that even I can understand that basics of it.
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The bare basics is not understanding though. Sure you can simplify physics to explain a general concept but you still wouldn't understand the actual mechanisms at play. That's why as you progress in school science you have to be able to forget the simple, downright wrong, models you were taught earlier.

I had a tutor that spend our first couple of weeks of tutorials going through ******** we were taught before Uni and what actually happens.
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Everything is Rational...

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** **************** rolled a random image posted in comment #480 at it's about true ** <--- motherfcker
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this is actually a direct quote from the man himself!
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I think Atheists should stop bashing any form of religion, just because THEY think it's ridiculous. And they act like the victims.
I'm a crazy ************ with red thumbs.
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Humans should stop bashing eachother in general
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Doesn't agree with you.
Is retarded.
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Why do you even bother to post opinions about religion here ... You might need this if other people decide they need to say something too.

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although i question the existence of a "higher being", i agree with you. i've personally experienced some misfortunes lately (family members passing away for the first time in my life, age 24), and it's kind of shown me some things about religion. the main point i've taken from everything that's happened is, religion isn't about whether or not what you believe in is real. religion to me is about how it makes you feel. not everyone needs that to live long, successful lives. but others do. it's not about whether or not "god" is real, it's about the strength, hope, confidence, or general happy feeling it gives you. i used to debate with religious types, but i don't anymore. i respect their beliefs, regardless of what i think. who am i to deny them faith in a higher power if that faith is what gets them through the day?
User avatar #31 to #28 - carpenoctum (07/28/2012) [-]
Very well said. I used to be a religious freak but that's because it was all I knew. It was what I grew up with. Now that I'm in college I see different opinions everywhere. Although I don't agree with most of what people interpret the Bible to say, I still believe that there is a higher being.
User avatar #33 to #31 - garnetandgold (07/28/2012) [-]
my family members that have passed were religious, and being at their funerals led me to that change of opinion. just seeing all of the people they had in their lives that really cared about them showed me what religion was about. i've never gotten that much into the bible, i know some stories from it, but i don't think i'd ever be able to take a book written by men and base my faith upon it. but that doesn't really matter. i have different views on religion now (i'm "college age" lol, like i said before, 24, in my sixth year of college, still only a junior.... changed majors three times haha). i now realize that for a lot of people, religion gives them something to believe in, which is a priceless commodity in the world we actually live in.
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Happens much too often.

Watching a movie:
*Complicated sciency explanation about some BS aspect of the movie*
"What? Dude don't be so weird!"
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I hate ************ that do that **** , that's just like calling ******** on video game physics, we get it, its not 100 ************* percent the same as real life. That's the goddamn point. If I wanted to watch a movie that was exactly like real life, I would just live it.
User avatar #42 to #20 - lolollo (07/28/2012) [-]
My roommate and I do that **** all the time. When we have friends over, my roommate, our friends, and I do that **** . It's not like we're those assholes who'll call **** out at the top of our lungs for the world to hear.
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