Overly Attached Girlfriend..?. A Facebook prank that was only meant to fool friends has gone viral. . 11 hams we Hey baby, I wanted to show you In person, but I Overly Attached
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Overly Attached Girlfriend..?

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Overly Attached Girlfriend..?. A Facebook prank that was only meant to fool friends has gone viral. . 11 hams we Hey baby, I wanted to show you In person, but I

A Facebook prank that was only meant to fool friends has gone viral.
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11 hams we
Hey baby, I wanted to show you In person, but
I' m gonna be in Calgary 3 we longer than I
expected 1 But anyways, Surprise!!! Thanks
again so much for paying for it, the spa was
the best valentine' s gin a girl could ask far.
an Ishart
j.) In you We In J
hours ago
I , Sier owl you' re moo manual
L Austin s rum my Io have you Sara,
Thais so sweet of Nu "
hours ugh
Tharius Maria. It hurt, but
sometimes love can hurt we :-I
hours ago
a we II love nerve HIV‘ my
can I steal that last (eminent For a status
Austin, you' re a lucky
my I dont know anyone on would be as
deviled as Sara.
do Lave II we n lay: ml: my
an I steal that Ian comment In a status
intiate? Scoot: true. alum. 'ole a may
any I dont Irma anyone who would be as
demoed as Sara.
hours no
or you our my on x
your arm? Mun are you you sad
you mauled a winged " gated
a winged and offered to only my
that, not my fuel mar the hell were you
noun we
suntan; be a
good my to show how much I love you
are you Idling In you don' t likethis?
hours ago
I you any mink a grapefruit
sized moo of my face one any you'
been smug my a we can a weak) on
your am, Is a we my the row
hours we
XII! No! " apposed to be my
Present In yo though you We In
12 hours ago
I T ml think hes just surprised Sara,
t he has to Ilke ' t' s sukha on
hours no
3 any
I think In the stupidist
g we ever seem mas In use world
could possably make me want so see my
face Emma on your army war are you
branded cattle? Please tell me In
hours ago _ A I
MIRVS our supposed so h
mean? Are you saying you dont thank
WERE permanent?!
II hours we
mink this Is A conversation
we should be having In print;
II hours ago
dimly? Why we you always
Vim! Io (over me up like you' re ashamed
or me or somethinge? t think every: g
should be out In the open.
II hours ago
d think you made that pretty
than when you plastered my face on your
II hours we
I don understand this, I' m In
shut. Where Is this (liming horn? that
you love me?
II hours ago
Ami were Is my cooling Pineal
you wit may rumors on my an
dam. an In the world“! lens any
mung second. may my hand‘: (mix!
horn my all and
them wan It and non INK“ I
mun nulls I long mm tomany. Cui In
Mea" my an this on I an -
II noun no
we an dorm 'htere, t
not use you' re new In but up nun me.
II now we
5». we may need roam.
II noun no
on my cool you' re not
mun maul»; up an the In your After
all We don! IN "tel?
II noun ago
threres no one use sun. I
may nuns you deserve someone Mm‘: In
I may
new we CM! sun be heads.
II noun no
the Mutare you
wally some this?
ll noun no
g my
eary? you're In much. I
can wen begin Io describe View Meerly
son be , I mean so that my vicemag
noun my be as long as runway men
you' re In an Institution.
II hours ago
hush, Ausum?
II noun ago
ll hours ago as
arm Nari: (clung my
Mend: she knows more they lure my
II hours ago
TI" -Inst was to protect
mkaes mine and my you
would even rounder breakable up with me.
II hours ago
mm" understand this: were
II visors no
wall what am I supoosed Rt do
e got your lace rammed on my
II noun no
jun. give him angry eyebrows
DY . You didn' t cans) this
Mien ytou were cuttingly Gone‘!
I payed for a turtle wan wings, when you
told the guy you were gonna gel my me
instead, he didn' t give you arm warnings?
hours am)
could have prepared
me for nun
II hours ago
Except maybe I we x
Foresight, sell awareness. and maybe a
ninth of Sillily.
II hours no on
t _ you Imam I' m here Mr
you It you want to talk. Forget about
Austin. he' s dearly the only any one hear
an some you an
ll hours ago 42
I - lolololololololol
II hows no sh I
my italic on
Me mink you.
s this hr rem
In hauls no A I
Jun saw your new
slams. I guess this is It 1
In hours an
M/ can Sara. seriously?
10 hours we T é 1
10 hours we
Adele y;
but yeah I on haw the
situations are comparable
In hours ago
this far the best
mead elm: year. And rolly? Adele??
10 hours ago V ch 5
can. is thas all a Joke? cause If
s nut funny. -
In hours one
1 think my/ we referring In the
canoe men to be honest, strains boner.
null make this as clear as I r we are
not dating.
In hours ago
U children‘: children will be
nearing maul this.
10 hours no A 14
1001. dude the second i saw
her Wu: on Facebook. I knew shew was
nuts man
In hours no so I
Io hours ago - as s
e' s rim Itums" or a
psychotic tima' t you
Just shut up and mm your own
9 hours we
hanks carol, I may Austin M
and his Io called Mend; are showing their
we (alloys
g hours ago
aways . cause we
wanted to be our in the open T
CHEN! what you wish Vol.
9 hours no my I
d the my me. the moo
artist did a really greatball II looks Just
we him
5 noun ago A A
c; -Watusi
9 noun my
I think this Is the moss
mall: t read and plume I have our
seen pol: up on my newsfeed. Ever.
S noun ago A I
Ille% e want this on a Dashin.
8 hours no _ as
love everything man this.
5 hours ago
talt. m Shannan: like this
that remind me why rm in school to
become a .,
5 Mars Ago _ A k
A WEEK s will
hours MN _ as
on sure know
how to nick em Austin.
hours we
Hundir:. sank. so.
Many. Commeny. “ERIN”
hours no C In t
m usuallu
Is all reactors is any drama and you
know I' m sharing this with my ... darl' I
EVER do something so dram unless you
7 hours an oz
I j. you seemed "
normal on we phone this week. What ls
Wrong yam tou? Haw could YOU thatnk this
was I noon Idea?
sum y u no CHANGE
Meme new tar
The y u No meme
actually began as y u No
Guy laut eventually
evolved no simply
See we
s hours an
r o really boo: this Is on
so you an lo see the consequence or your
I hum; ago ch I
I really hope ms is real
so you an In see the M your
more arms new day!
I noun an no I
I - hard to
Cover um A few simple amusements and we
can rake this from Cray to (hell
2 hours and o s
a, eh, Pac, suet's I: army x
auxin ml; (hit ls nuts, was Is hilarious
2 hams up
our you Shula make I
P shirts with w tare. suggested, and
one them no the and mils you daae... I'll
the mm rather only on
a moo.
I we
jun snap!
2 no
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