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#1 - bubbab
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(07/24/2012) [-]
im white
but the issue with a "white pride club" is it got bad press basically over the years
because of the KKK and neo nazis
so you cant blame black people for hating white pride clubs because it is our fault

however i beilve if we kill all KKK and neo nazi it be a good thing :)
User avatar #24 to #1 - littleliz [OP]
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(07/26/2012) [-]
yes i agree. but our generation should not be punished for these things. now as for older african americans then sure they can be mad. but to have a black guy try to mug me because "i enslaved his people" shouldnt be ok. i didnt do anything to anyone but i am put down because i am white. more specifcally im german and damn proud of it but if i wanted to start a german club i would be called a nazi
#25 to #24 - bubbab
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(07/26/2012) [-]
1: yeah but people take a long time to be forgiven i mean if you watched your entire family for lets say 400 years enslaved and then they say we wont anymore...you wouldnt forgive them right away you would hate them for 800 years (so to speak.

2: I agree the idea of a black guy mugging saying for enslaving my people IS NOT OK....at that point i would say its not a racist issue but a im trying to make it sound racist. If i was enslaved i wouldnt go and say you irish inslaved me (i used irish for a example) now im robbing all irish because i was enslaved is a poor excuse.

3: no matter what race you are you will always get put down by someone or everyone.

4: Im german and proud but i dont say im a nazi german either
I am not proud of the fact when people hear im german they think my family was nazis....its the downside of being german.