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User avatar #203 - kanatana (07/24/2012) [-]
Who cares if an actor or singer or whatever is gay? Elton John is gay, and yet he's STILL got some of the best music ever made to his credit. Freddie Mercury was gay, but I still jam to Bohemian Rhapsody every other day. Neil Patrick Harris? No brainer. Homophobes, I'm a straight man, but if you've got an inherent problem with people not like you, you can metaphorically suck my dick.
User avatar #232 to #203 - phoenixflamea (07/24/2012) [-]
Jim Parsons (AKA Sheldon Cooper) is gay which may be where everyone got mixed up
User avatar #233 to #232 - kanatana (07/24/2012) [-]
Oh, I know he's gay. Point is, who cares?

Sorry, gotta go, I see hoochies out my window.
#213 to #203 - ackbobthedead (07/24/2012) [-]
My friend thinks anyone who supports gays are gay themselves...
His mother has tainted his mind and she works at my school.
User avatar #214 to #213 - kanatana (07/24/2012) [-]
Hold on a minute, let me link you to something I found in newest content yesterday...
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