The Phases of Poop Part 2!. Part 1: /funny_pictures/392554/The+Phases+of+Poop/<br /> Part 3: /funny_pictures/394986/The+Phases+of+Poop+Part+3/<br /> Phases of poop two
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The Phases of Poop Part 2!

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Dakunism Presents:
The Disapper lug Poop:
You' re stomach hurts and
it' s making funny noises.
You can' t stand to hold it
any longer, so you go and
sit on the pot to unleash a
furious poop... oniy to
realize that you just let a
beast of a fart and no
poop. You think the poop
is waiting behind the fart,
but after 5 minutes of
anxious waiting... nothing.
You get up from the toilet
with a feeling of your
masculinity being stripped
from you.
All gas and no splash.
Not even worth it.
The Jalapeno Poop:
You decided to get
jalapenos on your taco
and now you' re fucked.
Each little poop t that
drops into the t feels
like another gallon of
acid s ed onto your
asshole It almost feels as if
your bunghole is puckering
up for a kiss. You pray that
each poop that falls out is
your last piece, But it Just
keeps on coming'. Each little
poop is another dagger that
you' passed. And the
worst part is, when the cold
water splashes up on your
Butthole, it' s ANYTHING But
No. You do not wipe
your asshole after it has
received t is type of
destruction. You DAB
ever so cautiously for
the least amount of
The Buckin' Bronco Poop:
The perfect mixture of gas
and poop to give you that sweet lift.
As the poop and the gas escape your
bowels, it feels as though you are
bouncing up and down. Grab onto the
seat and hold down your hat Because
youre in for a Bumpy ride! The only
downside is the clean up.... these
rides tend to get very messy...
More soft and
than anything.
The Glass Poop:
You don' t know what you ate,
or what is causing it, But as
your poop falls out of your
Butt it feels like you ate
glass! Each caged edge of
your poop is multiplied ten
fold as it falls out your Bum.
Not only that, But this is the
one poop that decides to
come out of your ass at
approximately "
MPH'.'.'. Any nornal poop
would' Just come out
quickly, But this poop wants
you to suffer.
Again, there is no
tr, only damning.
This is all I have time for on this one, but if y' a
one enough, I' ll make another'. Happy Pooping'.
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