Revenge. . I have a story of epic preportions (I believe) for you. I' m a senior in a catholic high school, and at my school they started having "belt drecks".  Revenge I have a story of epic preportions (I believe) for you I' m senior in catholic high school and at my they started having "belt drecks"
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I have a story of epic preportions (I believe) for you.
I' m a senior in a catholic high school, and at my school they
started having "belt drecks". They had warned IIS about them
but never had them, and since I' m not some gangta g with
sagging pants I never well ene. Well one day during my Spanish
class the dean meme in screaming "BELTS! SHIRTS UP I”.
Well not only did I not have a belt, but I also had had one of
those no reason boners before hand too. I had been called up to
the board so I tucked it up into my waistband and pulled my
shirt over to cover up the inch or so that protruded. As my
erection had yet to fade and the dean was rapidly approaching, I
scrambled desperately to tuck my dick back in my pants. Well
for some reason the girl in front of me, who is one of the
bitchiest girls in the school that no one likes, thought I was
trying to hide the fact that I didn' t have a belt and so she reached
over and lifted my shirt up. Needless to say I hadn' t tucked my
man meat away yet and she saw it and somehow interpreted that
I had pulled my dick out in class. She started screaming that I
had whipped my package out and the dean heard what and sent
mete his office. Despite me trying to explain the situation and
claiming I never had my dick out we had told them a bunch of
bull shit lies went how she had heard me masturbating in class,
overall just destroying me for no reason. I was ene}: ended for
sexual harassment and publi ely humiliated by my school. I was
more pissed then I had ever been in my life, and I knew I had to
get revenge on her. I started thinking I could not only get
revenge, but disprove any idea people had that I had in fact had
my dick out. At this time, fer some reason, I remembered how
when I was younger I had had a cold and was taking Benadryl in
order to help with the symptoms. I didn' t know, however, that
the active ingredient of Benadryl is RIPE which when taken in
high enough doses produces extremely realistic hallucinations.
Over the course of that day when I was sick I ended up taking
about 16 Benadryl without realizing it. That night when I was
laying in bed men were coming up and screaming in my face
that I was going to die. Mymom came in and saw what was
happening and started screaming at the men, but then she
disappeared. It turns out no we entered my room at all and I ran
into my parents room crying and screaming that peeple were
chasing me (I was about 10 at the time). With this in mind, a
plot developed This girl, aside from being a complete bitch, was
a health freak and went through about three water bottles ever
the course of a day. I had first period and third period with her,
and this was how my plan developed. I dissolved about six
Benadryl in her water during first period, in order to get some
into her system to test positive on a drug test, and also slipped in
atacked with about we of them missing. During
third period (which is right before break) I told her I wanted to
talk to her about the incident a few weeks back and apologize.
She seemed suspicious but agreed to go along with it. Wheni
met her behind there, I started winging together completely
random words like "yellow bay cow I him seven destroy hello"
and she started to look at me like I was era: y. At this time I had
my friends (there were 7) all come out and walk by, each
coming up and screaming at her telling her she was an ugly
whore, then walking on as if nothing had happened. We then let
her off to the office to tell the dean. All of IIS then ran back
to our classes and made sure we appeared normal to other
peeple. When I got called into the dean I pretended as If I had
no clue what was going on, then, when they were telling me
what she accused me w I pretended as if I remembered her
talking to someone in class that wam' t there and I thought she
was en drugs or something. I told them my friend (I pretended
not to know him that well) could testify fer me as well. When he
did, they asked to search her backpack, and when they found the
Benadryl they asked what it was fer. She claimed she had no
clue how it got there, and apparently one of them knew that
Benadryl can cause hallucinations and asked her if she' d been
taking any. When she said no they thought she was lying and
had her taken to the hospital for a drug test. After this I was
excused to class but apparently she left the school due to a
psychotic break and was being homeschooled until college. I
was amazed Emanated to get away with this, but I mum say it
will probably be the best prarie I’ ever pulled.
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#6 - anon
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(07/23/2012) [-]
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#5 - SlowpokeForever
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(07/23/2012) [-]
Mfw when tripping on Benadryl.
Mfw when tripping on Benadryl.
User avatar #4 - deviousman
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(07/23/2012) [-]
Wow...I almost feel sorry for her

but if she was ten years old and already a terrible person, she was off to a bad enough start as is.
User avatar #3 - hoboinabox
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I think that deserves a slow clap.
#2 - anon
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Who's going to drug test for diphenhydramine? That's just benadryl, you're making it sound like that's a real drug or something