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The Phases of Poop

Tags: Phases | of | poop
Dakunism Presents:
The Relaxing Poop:
You' Been holding it in for
soc long the Instant you sat
down it Just started falling out
with no effort whatsoever.
Soft as a sponge.
The Rebel Poop:
You' Been needing to poop
so bad for the past hour or so
But, yet again, Funnyjunk has
distracted you. You push with
all your might, But your poop
refuses to budge. The end
result is a poop that naes out
unexpectedly and leaves you
with an ass full of pain.
Normally hard as a fucking
rock, b it shoots out so fast
sometimes that you cant
even tell.
Just one time to wipe the
blood from your asshole.
The Coming out of Both Ends Poop:
You' re sick in bed and all of
a sudden, an immense urge
to shit hits you in the
stomach. You run to the
Bathroom only to 'piss out
your ass", meaning the shit
is soomo Liquified, you feel
like youre peeing. But
that' s not all, the fumes of
the poop make you
nauseas and you feel like
you' re going to hum
container is REQUIRED.
Poop - Liquid
Barb depends on what
you' eaten
Hehe, and you thought
half the roll would Be
The Soft Serve Poop:
You sit down to put, and it
lust feels like you shit a
cloud! You' re on cloud 9
Because it' s the easiest you
can ever take.
Soft serve ice cream.
The shalt Poop:
Everyone knows what
this is... no need to
discuss it any further.
You hope it Just stayed
Between your cheeks,
But you know it didn' t.
Depends on the poop you
take after the shalt.
The Sleepy Poop:
It' s 4 am and you have
to shit. You shit on the
11/ toilet and middshot, you
fall asleep. You wake
up wondering what
time it is; only to look
at your watch and
realize that you' re an
hour late already! You
hurry up and Fiish to
start your day, But you
forgot one thing. ;)
You have no idea, it
slipped out during
your sleep.
This is what you
Thumb Up if you like, down if you don' t.
I' m thinking about doing more of these,
let me know what you think in the
comments below!
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