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#111 - jakerfv (07/19/2012) [-]
1. No OP, the 5 word requirement is gone.
2. It may be a weak idea for a "spinoff" but when you put the effort into it, it becomes something incredible, mario has hardly ever changed since the 2D original side scroller he was, and nintendo has added new challenges and additions to each of their games.
3. So they changed the "premise" of it? Doesn't mean less innovation as said before, so the **** what, and they kind of have to add something slightly different, they want to bring in the same people who liked the original mario RPG but they weren't making a sequel, the paper mario games have elements of 2D and 3D, especially the one for WII.
4. Can't tell if troll or serious, but if serious, you know hardly anything when it comes to video games.
<5. Me in your room tonight. (just kidding i'm not very butthurt about this, because you have yet to say you're a troll or give a good argument.)
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Why do i get the random urge to falcon punch you in the taint?
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I think people might misunderstand a part of what I am saying, i'm just using the old school mario an example by itself, as in you could add a slightly new title or add a slightly different premise and it can be a brand new experience.
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*not very butthurt,

But i'm butthurt enough to type a sentence.
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