Comanche Quest. Zoom if quality. Screenshot from Credit to the site! Thumb up.. Comanche Quest Posted at 2011 em 1241 13 Origanal ad leek i want your thumbs
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Comanche Quest

Zoom if ****** quality.
Screenshot from
Credit to the site!

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Comanche Quest
Posted at 2011 em 1241 13
Origanal ad
leeking fur weep cementum must be runnung ane uh gaah
can pay up ta issue mars fur ml be Ignored
Hey, l couldnt help pet nature your ad leeking fur a Comanche went
have une, pet swung as t us such a rare car l hagred Pd help yae out ane
put yae uh much wuth a mend at mule WHO us selling nus Weell yae luke nus
From Joel "‘to Mike Partook:
yeah that weell be great thanks
From Mike Fastlol to Joel -
Okay‘ t us @gmail cam Jest tell hum Nuke sent ya
From Joel '""'''"to Mike Fastlol:
From Joel -"to Leo D:
hey there mks tale me that yae were interested uh selling your
Jeep :: hea
From Leo D to Joel -'":
Ugh wreaking Nuke um surly Nuke us an mum Hula hum that l Korewa guy
selling a Comanche um net swung ane wee want u can have that guy
ll guys nus small peeress ''''''"@yahoo cam
Surly amen that
From Joel -""tta Leo D:
From Joel *“‘to Chris Cantrell:
hey lee tale me yae were swung a :: hea
From Chris Cantrell to Joel -W
Ah, teal l ta hum uh Hews he mung?
From Joel *“‘to Chris Cantrell:
u dunno nest met hum inline
From Chris Cantrell to Joel -W
De me a mar‘ ml ya? Tell Leo that chm when new hes mung?
From Joel *“‘to Chris Cantrell:
are yae selling weep :: hea
From Chris Cantrell to Joel -W
What we Leo say?
From Joel *“‘to Chris Cantrell:
he sale he us gaah
From Chris Cantrell to Joel -W
Bream Anyway‘ um net selling the Comanche, my brewer us can u guys
hum your small peeress he can get uh much wuth yam Hus name us
From Joel "‘to Chris Cantrell:
an gee dammut the guys hum my small
From Chris Cantrell to Joel "w
Wm eel
From Chris Cantrell to Joel “f
Hey, ta Leo He sale yae went tell hum u when new he was
youngu Why we yae lue ta me?
From Joel -”to Chris Cantrell:
leek u aent guys a **** man nest want ta my a reckon cementum ane yae
keep ******* me amend WHO eyes a **** new hes mung wee were
talking ta hum then why the **** ask hum? fur cheat' s
put me through ta the guy selling the cementum already
From Chris Cantrell to Joel “E
calm down, sen He need ta get your panties uh a bench nest gut an the
phone wuth Randy ane he us gaang ta small yae shortly
From Randy Cantrell to Joel m:
Hillel us the Jew
From Joel - to Randy Cantrell:
he my name meal
From Randy Cantrell to Joel m:
Oh‘ my mistake u must have chm icouldnt really hear hum
marine phone He us mung ane at these new “smart phones" pet
personally l same temple we me mung ane at
those, he sur My lane lune phone ml ea
Everyone always tells me u same my wear an my phone, they ask me
Randy, new ea yae same map ane wear an your mane?“ ane l tell
them Tm mung a lane Mel wee want ta same clear, take your cell
phone ane threw t uh the trashy" Thus new technolagy us a luau at garbage
wee ask me we aent use a cell phone, ea ya JOE? l Wouldnt u l were
yae Anyway‘ nest gut an the phone wuth chm He tells me yae are
interested uh paying mareep cherokees
From Joel -"~ to Randy Cantrell:
he weep COMANCHE please tell me yae have a cementum net a
From Randy Cantrell to Joel -“*
Ah, the Jeep Comanches Anne vehicle we was a 1994, had a later
gaah mes uh that truck Once l draw that truck all the way ta
cement behave t made t, pet that truck was ane taugh t
was a lang trp pet nest popped uh cash cassette tapes anal
was set farms whale nee De yae listen ta Johnny Cash? Great man‘ he
was Anyway‘ the Comanche was selling that, yes Unfortunately, l sale t
ta a guy amen a month age Real nuce guy WHO peewit t, um mung ta
remember nus name l t was Nuke pet twasnt Nuke t
was somethung rarely um leaning Inmates leuker [l
From Joel w“ to Randy Cantrell:
u aent guys a **** what nus name us Mahala what the **** yae recking
my recking me fur netting
From Randy Cantrell to Joel W“:
Buy, chm was nght when he sale yae were an angry lad Relax, We gut
same gaah news horyuu Mikel wee the Comanche, pet he has ta mew
tar away ane us Unable ta take the truck wuth hum Therefore he us mung ta
sell the truck He thee ta sell t panda me fur we bucks‘ pet l tale hum
Mael, why uh the hell weell l need the Comanche? nest peewit a new
we shame see my , t us really nuce Perfect fur hauling my
ATVs ta Chrys Hausa chm has a let at property up uh Hagerstown ane
we law ta go there wuth nus pal Leo Leo sure us a crazy suncat,
Speaking at Leu, whats the u hear leung ta chm amen
asking Leo new hes mung? Why weell yae ea than
From Joel - to Randy Cantrell:
MY ******* TIME
From Randy Cantrell to Joel F“ -:
Jeez, yae sure are an Dent luke ta talk much, ea yaw
inderstand mung ta my a truck were all newness‘ l respect
that were gaang ta want ta maul Mikel lam conntent he us stull mung ta
sell the truck well law t, uts a real beam Mael' s maul peeress us
hotmail cam
From Joel -""tta MIR mask:
hey named randy tale me he sale yae weep cementum ane
yae are leeking ta sell um
From MIR mask to Joel -"1
Olen Pegasuses Mum " sewage mama tamed? Kas eesti
From Joel -”to MIR mask:
recking hell ENGLISH? ea yae speak
From MIR mask to Joel '
Ameican, yer?
From Joel *“‘to MIR mask:
yes are yae selling weep :: hea
From MIR mask to Joel -‘m
Yeal car sale, me ta yae sales ‘ yer?
From Joel *“‘to MIR mask:
yeah ea yae have
From MIR mask to Joel ‘m
ts nuce cars, yer?
From MIR mask to Joel -
Oh yae buys Jeep tram Tle, yer? Comanche strongs trecko weal
Ha ha ha
From Joel -""tta MIR mask:
ha recking ha send me a pucture at the tuc[
From MIR musk to Joel '""'"t
From Joel ""‘to MIR mask:
YES that us what u want new much are yae selling Mar?
From MIR mask to Joel -'4:
l sells tar sane Wanna‘ yer?
From Joel we MIR mask:
what the **** us a new mesh uh AMERICAN MONEY?
From MIR mask to Joel -'4
Oh nu, he Americans Dallas uh here Esterna Onlys Green Yous curves ta
Esterna ta buy?
From Joel -"no MIR mask:
theyere us uh recking esterna are yae shutting me? u aent wen knew where
the ******** us
From MIR mask to Joel -w:
Yes, Esterna Yous curves buy‘ yer?
OF ******* TIME
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Submitted: 07/17/2012
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#3 - almaster (07/17/2012) [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #4 to #3 - westsideluigi (07/17/2012) [-]
Reading the whole novel would pay of with lots of laughter.
I grantee you.
User avatar #1 - evilfederation (07/17/2012) [-]
This guy is brilliant. Haven't seen this one before.
It had me rolling! Thumbs for you, good sir!
User avatar #6 - Maroon (07/17/2012) [+] (1 reply)
That's about as far as anyone will get trying to buy a car for $500...
#2 - irwincardozo (07/17/2012) [-]
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User avatar #19 - coolfuzzy (07/18/2012) [+] (1 reply)
I feel like this is how npcs from an rpg would act on the internet.
#17 - fukyouto (07/18/2012) [+] (4 replies)
i suggest you go to his site ive never laughed so hard in my life
User avatar #27 to #23 - westsideluigi (07/18/2012) [-]
www . dontevenreply . com
(Remove the spaces)
#10 - goombatyrant (07/18/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Biggest thing I got out of that... there's nowhere to offroad in Hagerstown! (also, I live in Hagerstown)
User avatar #24 - aleksisti (07/18/2012) [-]
eesti keel easybeasy
#16 - anonymous (07/18/2012) [-]
hahaha my friend does this **** ALL the time, and has a blog and everything for it. best laughs
#15 - Radjhi (07/18/2012) [-]
i actually lol you have recieved a rare thumb good sir
#14 - freakaleak (07/18/2012) [-]
**freakaleak rolled a random image posted in comment #8 at Just brush it ** mfw i have a jeep grand cherokee.
#8 - mollike (07/18/2012) [-]
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User avatar #7 - Durn (07/17/2012) [-]
HA ******* HA

#9 - bjorngrim (07/18/2012) [-]
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