(3) Facebook. So this is the part 3 of my ongoing story. Hope you enjoyed. Part 1: /funny_pictures/3893289/1+Facebook/ Part 2: /funny_pictures/3896672/2+Faceboo facebook Message Stupid stepmom
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(3) Facebook

(3) Facebook. So this is the part 3 of my ongoing story. Hope you enjoyed. Part 1: /funny_pictures/3893289/1+Facebook/ Part 2: /funny_pictures/3896672/2+Faceboo

So this is the part 3 of my ongoing story. Hope you enjoyed.
Part 1: /funny_pictures/3893289/1+Facebook/
Part 2: /funny_pictures/3896672/2+Facebook/
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and seriously, thanks for all the support

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It didn' t exactly pan put as n had head but same justice & better than justice.
but n really appreciate everyine fer their support Ir my whale dilemma, ididn' t think it' d
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hey i heard you came ever yesterday, what happened?‘ is sleeping
in the guest bedroom
guessing you got dad en your side?
Well, net quite, its a classic nobody wins sort of situtation, but w be fair,
she always gets her way so sat smug afterwards
but basically what happened was i shivered up i guess a few minutes after
she left fer the market, dad was manning the barbeque, so i sat dawn
wiw dad a few minutes after he was done fer fear of being bludgeoned
w death wiw the we tangs.
but dad lectured me en helm i should be respectful w her even though
shes net my mom she still deserves an extent of respect and all that. but
then i pulled out my laptop and showed him what she sent us, he said it
was crazy and basically he slowly slated siding wiw me,
then in walks, groceries and all, and she looked at me wiw this
face like s e was genna slab me, i walked right past her and helped bring
in the groceries, . was there tee.
then we sat there, ate dinner in almost complete awkward silence, then
dad said w lay off and be reasonable and thats when she treally lest her
ceil and slated screaming about how ungrateful i am wati weild
complain about her w him, then dad went all 'STFU and listen' i couldn' t
help but chuckle and thats when he turned against me tee. said we were
both being like stupid kids and how the whale thing didn' t have w
reasonably, because i did say some nasty stuff but she deserved it
but she didn' t get off, he was saying helm me and you weren' t in their
marriage m be their servants nor will he aller it w be that way and she
was pissed but everytime we interrupted him he was like 'SHUT UP AND
so new, dads pissed at both of us, and he said w get my car fixed en my
ewn. net really complaining though, its just the at thats net weaking
new, so i' ll be fine, buti guess if shes sleeping in the guest bed either dad
is super pissed at her er she can' t really handle wla she didn' t manipulate
the situation w where shes hiss perfect angel where all his evil children
are out w get her'
but glad she held him when she did,
if she waited dad woulda still been en her side but he had time w ceil
dawn so he was neutral when i Came ever.
buti doubt i' ll be ever in a while, she might poison me er slab me, i' ll let the
whale anger she has die dawn and i' ll just go out w lunch wiw dad during
the week.
but befire i left it was just me and her standing in the living reem, dad
had marched off all pissed. but she said 'i hope yeu' re happy you little
and i looked at her wiw a and said 'yeu' re implying wati give a
fuck,' and left.
LLIL what the fuck?
but seriuosly, kudos, this is gonna mart getting more interesting as time
gees. shes gonna be out fer you
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