This fucker. is going to kill you in your sleep.. Actually, this photo is actually of a model of a camel spider, the real ones are far more terrifying camel spider


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#22 - tonythetiger ONLINE (07/13/2012) [-]
**tonythetiger rolled a random image posted in comment #40075 at Anime & Manga **
**tonythetiger rolled a random image posted in comment #40075 at Anime & Manga **
#30 to #22 - mothafuckingbatman (07/13/2012) [-]
where is that me
where is that me
#36 to #30 - anon (07/13/2012) [-]
Strike Witches, I believe
User avatar #3 - rainbowdashfj (07/12/2012) [-]
Actually, this photo is actually of a model of a camel spider, the real ones are far more terrifying
User avatar #4 to #3 - tehniggadestroyer (07/12/2012) [-]
still ******* scary
User avatar #20 to #4 - rainbowdashfj (07/13/2012) [-]
You're telling me, this little ass hole is native to where I live. I've only seen 1 but I know there ******* everywhere & that's nearly as scary as the Slenderman
User avatar #25 to #21 - marking (07/13/2012) [-]
i hope for the love of god that youre refering to the post on top of yours.
#18 - randomvillain (07/13/2012) [-]
It just needs a brushing.
#12 - jokingcargo (07/12/2012) [-]
User avatar #56 - anonchief (07/15/2012) [-]
Looks cute. I want one so I can scare the living **** out of anyone who ***** with me.

How big is it? I want it on a leash.
User avatar #57 to #56 - tehniggadestroyer (07/16/2012) [-]
it can grow to about 6 inches
#53 - gamefacts (07/13/2012) [-]
#46 - superfluen (07/13/2012) [-]
Why does nature keep being scary?!
Why does nature keep being scary?!
User avatar #17 - tariv (07/13/2012) [-]
The Magic School Bus turned into a bug.
#1 - anon (07/12/2012) [-]
I mean what the hell even is that thing?! **** you nature you scary
User avatar #2 to #1 - tehniggadestroyer (07/12/2012) [-]
it's a camel spider
#32 - ddrredneck (07/13/2012) [-]
except thats not even a real one. its a flyfishing lure version of one made entirely out of hooks, wires, and feathers. not that you would actually fish with this one the guy who made it makes a bunch of things like these just for the lulz.
didnt think i'd spot that on here though...
fly-fisherman over here ftw....
#45 to #32 - anon (07/13/2012) [-]
I saved you from a negative thumb! This man speaks the truth! Look REAL ******* CLOSE at it. You can see it's made of lures.

And good on you for ******* spotting that. lol.
#15 - anon (07/12/2012) [-]
they are not poisonous. i got bitten by one of these little ***** when i was in afghanistan 09´ with the german army. just hurted a bit.
User avatar #16 to #15 - lackofcoolname (07/12/2012) [-]
#11 - gingerrii (07/12/2012) [-]
**gingerrii rolled a random image posted in comment #4 at Idiots+alcohol+fire **mfw i kill it first
#8 - deathbymuffin (07/12/2012) [-]
**deathbymuffin rolled a random image posted in comment #9 at Belly ** fresh out of the ******* wasteland?

User avatar #5 - hypnoso (07/12/2012) [-]
I've actually killed one of those. They are not even poisonous. The only creeping thing about them is their speed... too ******* fast
#9 to #5 - elbaum (07/12/2012) [-]
not poinonous?
User avatar #26 to #9 - neutrality (07/13/2012) [-]
No they are not, the aren't even a spider they are part of the solifugae family a branch in arachnids kind of a cross between a scorpion and a spider and let me guess you typed in camel spider bite? cause that is a hoax they are not venomous where do you see fangs on this creature? it has teeth not fangs to inject venom.
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#6 to #5 - chancebell (07/12/2012) [-]
Kill. Them. All.
Kill. Them. All.
User avatar #23 - droysters (07/13/2012) [-]
Thats a camel spider, and they get to the size of a small dog. Maybe around a german pinscher or large dachshund.
User avatar #29 to #23 - mothafuckingbatman (07/13/2012) [-]
they can get as big as 6 inches, stories of it being twice that or larger are all myths
User avatar #54 to #29 - droysters (07/13/2012) [-]
Really? My cousin was in the military and he said they got that big. Sorry to be misinformed.
#51 - anon (07/13/2012) [-]
That's not a camel spider, THIS is a... oh wait.
#50 - hitshitwithsticks (07/13/2012) [-]
Camel Spiders have an anaesthetic in their venom, so if you were bitten whilst sleeping it could continue to feast on you with a lesser chance of you waking up. My teacher told me about her son (who is in the army), when he was in Afghanistan, they had to wear underwear woven from metal fibres to protect their stuff. (Not sure how accurate that is, just quoting her.)
#49 - anon (07/13/2012) [-]
WRONG: this is used for fly fishing.
#48 - sexybarracuda (07/13/2012) [-]
I assume most people would immediately try to crush it with something to kill it at first sight. Well good luck on that one...

It's called a Camel Spider because out in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Iraq where they are prominent, these spiders adapted the ability to "flatten" themselves when camels (or anything else that poses a threat to them) are about to step on them, hense the name "camel spider".

So if you go to crush one of these ******* , it most likely isn't actually dead and probably just flattened itself out on the floor. Creepy as **** ...I think so. If you want more freakiness, look up how they feed on prey.
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