90's kids. so true. i did Not Steak this from reddit


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http:// itunescodegenerator . net/?i=517141
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Dude on the right, when he grows up.
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At least I have Lonely Space Vixens
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Kids these millenniums have no idea what this is.
Only true 2600 BC kids know what it is.
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I'm a sixties kid
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so is my dad.
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Yeah this generation sucks but we're the kids who made 16 and pregnant... Yeah.
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I was born in '96 but I don't really remember much during the next four years. My childhood was in the early 2000's. I would classify "90's kids" as 1990-94 mostly.
I was born in '96 but I don't really remember much during the next four years. My childhood was in the early 2000's. I would classify "90's kids" as 1990-94 mostly.
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THANK YOU! I'm the same way, and it pisses me off when people say that at my age. Its stupid.
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i was born in 94, dont remember the 90s at all
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I was born in '96 and I remember all the '90s kids **** , but I remember it from like 2002.
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Yeah, It's not like all the "90's" stuff just all the sudden stopped as soon as it turned 2000.
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I was born in 89...though I dont remember ANY of the 80s....I think that would make me a 90's "kid" since I was a kid in the 90s..

but I wanna punch every ******* person in the face that brags about being a 90's kid...
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Exactly. If your childhood from around 5-15 years of age was MOSTLY in the 90's, then you are a 90's kid. I would consider you a 90's kid definitely. A 5 month old newborn isn't going to remember the 80's.
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Kind of reminds me of vegans. How can you tell someone's a vegan? Relax, he'll ******* tell you.
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The only proper time to state you're a vegan is when you're friend makes a detour to a burger shack with no salads and he asks you if you want anything.
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or mac owners XD
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Or a girl that has a new boyfriend.
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people with a degree in philosophy
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And feminists.
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Or someone is a ****** band.
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Everyone I've seen commenting is talking about being born in 95 or somewhere along the lines that make them wayyy below the age of 20 I don't know if this is true to all of you but...if I may guys? Ahem.

We "90's" kids are merely showing pride in in the decade.
It was when TV was a great pinnacle point in entertainment in both cartoons and sitcoms.
It was when girls around the age of 11-13 still had flat chests and butts. So the sex rate in young teenagers wasnt as high as it is now.
It was before kids were allowed cell phones, and ipods and laptops. We treasure these things more from being without them. A lot of people born in later years come to find them as a "necessity".

Basically what I'm saying...we have just become to understand the generation before US who didnt have access to TV's, computers, and other technological wonders that both 90's kid AND beyond use as play things or come to find in a average everyday household. The more technology advances, the lazier and less appreciative the generation AS A WHOLE becomes.

But what do I know right? I'm just some black guy on the internet stating his opinion. That's not why you're here. *shrug*

TL;DR: Every generation is going to complain about the generation that follows it. Doesnt mean EVERY single person is this way, but it's just a part of life and growing up. You guys will see when you have a 5 year old come up to you with hooker asking you if you wanna "get some" tonight.

Still TL;DR? Heed wisdom, screw ignorance. Live your life to the fullest. YOLO Carpe Diem
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20 here and just want to agree upon what you said. Especially about that "90's kids" who were born after '96. You are not 90s kids, you don't even remember anything. I can't say I have some first hand knowledge about the music back then, or cars or that stuff. I only watched cartoon network and played Lost vikings on my fathers work computer...
nostalgia is a strong force
pic unrelated, I think
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That doesn't mean people have to flood the Internet with "90'S KIDS KIDS DKISSDSDMASDSØÆDODJNMfsnhpf" all the ******* time. The 80's had great music, you don't see people going "80'S KIDS KIDS DKISSDSDMASDØÆDODJNMsnhpf"

TL;DR: Shut the **** up about 90's kids.
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'But what do I know right? I'm just some black guy on the internet stating his opinion. That's not why you're here. *shrug*'
Since when do we worship ******* ? 61 thumbs? 'Oh no he's not a thumbwhore just suck his dick and it will all be fine'...
You do realise you could've just written the tl;dr version since the wall of text basically elongates one sentence but to the dumb ********* here it's a magnet for green thumbs so yeah I understand you brah,gotta get your daily thumbs.
Being a 90s kid means nothing,don't generalize everyone you scum,21 years don't mean anything,'Heed wisdom'? Yeah a ****** has wisdom since he's a ****** on a site and posts walls of text that's surely wisdom,isn't it? 'Screw ignorance'? Yeah,ok,but you can't live your life to the fullest without ignoring all the retarded **** nowadays.
tl;dr You're a ****** thumbwhore whose text begs for thumbs
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I can't believe how many 6-10 year olds have laptops these days, though.
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Even more TL;DR? FISH; **** It, **** Happens
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People in the 80's look down on 90's kids because they had things different then them too. You probably don't see that alot because only people in their 20's and under go on this site.
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I agree and disagree, people don't have to ******* talk about being a 90's kid i was born in 95 and didn't get a phone till about 2 years ago, I know I don't need it, hell, ill rarely use it. I'm lucky enough to be decently smart and hate most of the other teens but every generations had it's equally stupid people.
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It was when girls around the age of 11-13 still had flat chests and butts. So the sex rate in young teenagers wasnt as high as it is now.
It was before kids were allowed cell phones, and ipods and laptops


I'm sure 11-13 year olds had just as much sex (99.9% don't) in the 90s as today. Also, a decade later im sure 11-13 year olds produce just as many hormones and have the same amount of boob and butt. again, almost none.
Although I'm sure, and almost certain, fashion trends have changed and everything is far more sexualized with kids wearing miniskirts and skimpy **** .

As with the technology, cellphones in the 90s were ******* massive and impractical, and touch screen computers were hardly around.

The reason why these "90s kids will remember.." posts are stupid is not because they bash on other decades. You don't see "70s kids" or "80s" kids posts. Why? because they are now grown up and realise it is a stupid thing to say.

people born in 1990-1999 are now about 13-21 year olds, prime age to be a pretentious keyboard warrior on the internet.

pic unrelated.
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Do your research friend, the sex rate is MUCH higher in teens now than it was in the early 90's as well as the teen pregnancy rate.

And that's what I mean when I was referring to technology. There are 5-7 year olds now who have cell phones, people in 4th grade getting laptops...more often than when that was in the early 90's

Yes people born from 1990-1999 are going to pretentious keyboard warriors because the development of social networking and messages boards started to reach their pinnacle within that decade so people of the 80's are far too old to care to complain about it.

But just so you understand, I'm not saying the 90's are better nor do I think the posts originally started to condone that message. Rather, like most things, there were people who decided they'd use it as an attack to the next generation.
User avatar #518 to #514 - xiik (07/10/2012) [-]
I'll take your word for it but i seriously have doubts about 11-13 y/o's getting pregnant. One, because i compare it to my own childhood but that's flawed since we're talking about different generations, and two because of kids being in their pubescent prime at 11 years old.

Comparing cellphones back then to what they are now is completely biased because of what type of resource it's become. And no, what i meant about the people born in 1990-'99 is not about social networking sites, it's because the vast majority of internet users who would create these "You're a 90 kids if..." ideas are people born between '90-'99. Because people born before them, don't give two ***** , because they are not immature kids on the net.

Basically, it is a one way insult, because no one is being insulted. It's just 90s kids telling other 90s kids that they are 90s kids and the 90s were cooler than anything else.
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I bet if you werent a 90's kid youd be on the other side of the argument.
Honestly, who gives a **** about when you were born?
This is a sight where we discuss funny junk (hence the name), not to talk about when you were born and gang up on those who are different.
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He isn't ganging up on anybody, you ******* prick. Read the whole thing again!
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you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
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How about in order to be a 90s kid you have to be born in the 80s, and a 2000s kid if you're born in the 90s? Isn't that simpler? if you're born in the 90s you can still yourself a 90s baby
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Even then, it gives no right of the generation brag about what decade they were born in. I don't... It's like that atheist joke.

How do you know if they're an atheist I.E 90's kid?
They'll tell you.
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Anybody born from 85-93 I would consider a 90's kid. It's because we grew up in it. Any kids who are born in 94/95 need to shut the **** up. Do they really remember their 2 years spent pissing and craping all over themselves? Or the other 3 spent on mindless banter? That's in my opinion though.
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You would have to make the span of years over 10. So the 80s kids would also have 10 years to be born in, maybe 84-93. I just think born in 80s to be a 90s kids is simple to remember, and may make more sense. A 6 - 8 year, for example, simply hasn't developed the level of comprehension required to understand a position in society as a consumer and how it relates to the popular culture and entertainment that they experience.
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Did this creep anyone else out when they first saw it?
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'88 master race reporting, dropping some 'stalgia!
'88 master race reporting, dropping some 'stalgia!
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Holy **** , I'm able to remember what he said in that court scene but I cant remember what I had for lunch today.
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