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Guys, I'm not going to be the raving Catholic but, seriously this **** is getting old. Why do you want people to believe what you believe? Does it benefit you in any way other than getting the satisfaction to twist someone else's views? I actually don't care what anyone thinks. You do know if you prove to be right and there is no God, then you won't have a chance to rub it in, right? I really don't care what happens after we die but maybe the world needs a little hope to get them through its life. Why do you want to take hope away from the people that you don't even know. I'm a Christian and I don't go around saying "God is great, God is good" but every Atheist I meet has to tell me he or she is an Atheist and will metion once a day why religion is stupid when only pointing out the flaws of Catholicism. And I know all Atheists aren't like this but people like you are making them look like conceited little assholes.