Fats McGee II: To Kill a Tardburd. The long-awaited sequel to Fats McGee and His Retard Three Original: /channel/4chan/Fats+McGee+and+his+Retard+Three/iwzDGvj/. fats McGee two tardburd retards
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Fats McGee II: To Kill a Tardburd

Fats McGee II: To Kill a Tardburd. The long-awaited sequel to Fats McGee and His Retard Three Original: /channel/4chan/Fats+McGee+and+his+Retard+Three/iwzDGvj/.

The long-awaited sequel to Fats McGee and His Retard Three
Original: /channel/4chan/Fats+McGee+and+his+Retard+Three/iwzDGvj/

Anonymous on ) 0522/ 12( 58 31 No 401153052 B
File 1337552711555 ', , Thiy_ Eleventh_ Doctor_ ( new
The Story of Lee To k/ l a Cardbord
was Mcgee
am the head whe my school It' s a meelee
one day 1 have a my class
hate retards, due to the
rmy has are when 1 see Lee
mhe' stall Ess/ y a head ever we, lanky black km wth buck he Rem
mthe , he' s song wth hrs ' out
stands, knocker a desk ever The headteacher attempts to we meltdown but Lee pushes herderp and at the deer
we ths pawl we an crumbs! open the deer and let hm escape win the hall, guard chase hm down
manter my classroom , and hurt my back
tthere' s atryl stealling benard hen
rs golnx to suck
Anonymous on / 22/ 12( 04 38 No 401184186 B
We Kfa, 600x400, ( my
keep my eyes en Lee altruist exclusively 1 learn hrs taks 1
learn what makes
a mmee hes an obsesion Strawberry Fanta, and Pushpins
class one day, and es usual, l reeks
walk ever and noyice ' scen hrs bag
won and lean down to wk l up sums, and the revulsion whe steno's descovered
munfen heme pushpins and mohicans
mthe cans explode everywhere new In shaky
wee Tuekray damn l
start tryingto clean l up
mmee walksh he bag
get recomended student property
mmee hes unleashed a box he
rww. .. espouse
E Anonymous no ) ( 14 44 No 401185980 B
We 1194341 KB, 1024x755, 11th_ doctor_ )
The Tale Lee pen Ill Not even Death
deal wen Mayo Lee semester
one mm he 1 make class, and to the pagetutor, that students ere to not exam
rs already e brawn‘ and Lee garfeel l In hrs woe Bones
miggo starts screeching ta% Hrs pagetutor hen. and he looks at he gm!
walk by hrs desk, 'acidentaly/ bump min hrs desk and / l mylanta All over The Exam
home at he
Inthe eye
Terms " well the pagetutor rs a dyke been
become aware thatthe may be rhyngeu battle, and make
have a house phone, but 1 buy a pen for ths 1 have someone 1 need to call and wen, and to be able to plan wth Plus, t' s hrs birfdey soon anyway
mlt' s me to bango Ray
Anonymous on ) 0522/ 12( 22 31 No 401157321 B
We 1337554151541 '_ 98x352, 11th_ Doctor_ weaing_ a_ Feil
The tale Lee Partle Crew Together
rs mere than to allioth me In Mad Tard 2 Beyond Thunderdome
hes become a pence mince! by ths perm So he ms the schoolbook,
Ray scootalove day
we whose the new Tartlet?"
m' Lee He' s ledgendary
we held days up
Palease swim damn RAY B ads
rs % on held dawn
mlt' s me to make sinks
lead Lee away bylaw; hrs mm
we wanders Daschool grounds thanks to a new Ally Jesica, Ra/ s hance, who carts
mehe dun: by a we truck Lee Weak: M and runs
phdtickles hen
mmee rs suspended weeks
wth we 07012 He be deferred to " ' here eh
all mobtalker
and beers are exchanged
new plan rs
Names 1. hrs we
Anonymous on / 12( 32 53 No 401159137 B
We 1337554773777 ', , )
The tale Lee v Unacceptable Loss
mthe Alles " we' taken to cahnt ourselves begun gatherers# o en Lee
Hrs rs December 10th we work wen that He' s a seanhere by ths pant, andl' The our
advantage later
hes Lee' s stable brotherly mess Ray rs constantly at the school bang the new campus cop
l happens
blue, breaks up wen Ray and goes
could be found out at any mums!“
wwe needto launch eer -
rs us
wwe mam get away wth we
oneday December tth
Mster B. please report to the
week Me
E Anonymous an 42 52 No 401190509 B
rme, Ray, and Emmet ere all were see names
Fuckig Cunt
told were busted We could , buil haven: do l
take Say 1 coverted ray and blobwut 171101!
In my two weeks
serrie two weeks, 1 he longer be a teacher
em everyting In we Mal throw whe Bree, rm
buy Sty much gee damn Fania So much we when Pushpins
mthe end rs swingy, and though the alles ere sundered, / Bremen standing
m one , lgw a speech
mehreen ' s bad, m' kay am how , mgh school haang rs Merv es
mand then Iget to Reserve
whe how wen Retard: get away wth he parchment
we Fuck you It' s Retard Wave 1 day oaths 12% and 1 say whateverman h:
we ewes Lee
rwr. sae:.. espouse
Anonymous on 0522/ 12( 53 10 No 401192575 B
Lee' s desk
out " Igram hrs bag and openly, walking backto my pedestal
m" However, , even the recentally retarded can Tnns class, rs what we called conditon learend"
each whe Farms Mor loot's agaen, and , arad agaen Then, 1 go to the fudge 1 keep my shalln and remove a preserve, 35 box
s who and now, pesron and smthng maself He' s hyperventilated each we whe pushpins, and shrew them onthe wakeboard, ' silde down and new
stands, everyting ever
smthng and
walk out, grabing and sunglasses " 1 walk out
me. then Ray
airwalk out and my eer
rwe' verge's parts whe world, butte chll keep In touch In Smle
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User avatar #4 - johnnyfurious
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(07/07/2012) [-]
#8 - anon id: c43af4bc
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(11/07/2013) [-]
Such is what happens when parents use mental retardation as an excuse to be permissive and lazy until they absolutely need to do anything. The other retarded kids probably hate these brats just as much
#7 - rokkarokkaali
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(07/12/2012) [-]
**rokkarokkaali rolled a random image posted in comment #36992 at Anime & Manga ** Okay, I have sat here for 5 minutes waiting for the enlarge to load.
User avatar #6 - kimiz
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(07/08/2012) [-]
best way to go out with a bang
User avatar #5 - neokun
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(07/07/2012) [-]
I have never done the TL;DR thing but...

**** reading that man.....
#1 - norwegiandude
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(07/07/2012) [-]
Might be funny... But it is way too ******* long!
#2 - madnessdude
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(07/07/2012) [-]