Fallout bitch.. lolololol. You cane to the wrong wasteland.. MR CUDDLESWORTH:D tags
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i was looking for this comment. :D
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I see we have an Al fan.
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Steve agrees. It seems as if we found another fan.
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Mmm splendid
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My roommate, who's only experience with fallout is fallout 3, and his first experience with a deathclaw from New Vegas.     
"What's this, a deathclaw?  They have deathclaws in this game?  Oh these things are easy as piOHSWEETJESUSMARYOFASSRAPE!"
My roommate, who's only experience with fallout is fallout 3, and his first experience with a deathclaw from New Vegas.

"What's this, a deathclaw? They have deathclaws in this game? Oh these things are easy as piOHSWEETJESUSMARYOFASSRAPE!"
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I don't have fallout. explain the vault thing
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do you want the whole story or the quick version?
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whole, if you want
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before the nuclear bombs dropped the government made vaults for the rich and important and really anybody who can afford it. You (the character) all ways have a task where it makes you go out side of the vault. So You the adventurer have to now wonder about the waste land that was once a great place and now radiated and has mutant things running about trying to kill you if you get to close and of course there are bandits and other normal people trying to kill you aswell. In fallout 3 your father leaves the vault and for some reason they are trying to kill you then making you leave the Vault you home and where you grew up Vault 101.

So basically you come from a vault that was to protect you from the nuclear bombs and now you are out of it and everyone some how knows.
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so as you play do you still have your own vault?
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its still there yes but you cant go back until you finish in fallout 3 anyway
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what happend in fallout 1 and 2?
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In every vault, there is a many engineering appliances used to run the vault and keep the people alive (naturally), one such thing is a water purifier chip(I'm 99% sure it's a chip, but either way it just keeps the fuggin water purified) that is used in the vault had been broken very shortly before the game starts, the leader of this Vault 13 (Where you, the Vault Dweller, as you are generically called by the game itself) called the Overseer, tasks you to go out into the wasteland to find a new one, or something of equal ability to repair it, now during this time, the Vault Dweller encounters many people who task you with many different things that lead you to encountering this amorphous conglomerate of thousands of people that this thing, called The Master, absorbed into his being, as a result of testing a way to make a master race using a Government made enhancement device called the Forced Evolution Virus (FEV for short, this virus has a very large, everpresent role throughout every single fallout game, and is really one of the most interesting things I have found about the fallout series). The Master had discovered this virus when he investigated the ruins of a military base (Mariposa, the name of it), he ended up falling into a large vat of it as a result of carelessness due to a skirmish, if I remember correctly, and all in all, it is your job to stop The Master. When this has been achieved and you obtain what is needed to fix the vault, you go back to it in hopes of recognition and ultimately the saving of the entire vault, only for you to find the Overseer take what is needed from you, then kicks you out of the vault, on accordance of the fact that you changed too much during your time in the Wasteland.

Now stay tuned for my memory based description of what happened in fallout 2 as I go jerk off and gather my sources!
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In Fallout 2, you are The Chosen One, the grandson (or great grandson) of the Vault Dweller from fallout 1 is in a village outside of Vault 13 , years after the Vault Dweller was exiled, he rallied together many of the vaults residents to go to the wasteland with him, as a big ol' **** you to the Overseer, fast forward a bunch of years, and there is a huge drought that hits the town of these descendents, the town is known as Arroyo. The Elders of the village task you, being the Chosen One, to find the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, (also known as the GECK, which is another everpresent role in the story of the Fallout Series as the FEV is)to bring abundance of water and resources to their town (The Geck has the power of doing this, turning anywhere in the wasteland into fresh, fertile soil which is ripe with abundance of fresh water near it), however, the Geck is usually located in a single vault throughout each wasteland in the games, in Fallout 3, it was in Vault 87, where the FEV was being tested as well as the GECK, and in fallout 2, it was in Vault 13, where the Vault Dweller and the ancestors of the town of Arroyo came from. You enter the vault and find it devoid of life, and return to Arroyo in failure of what you set out to achieve, only to find the town taken capture by the remnants of the good, wholehearted remnants of the US of A, a government branch known as The Enclave takes your town's people to use as testing and research of the FEV, which this act of harvesting has been done many a times by the Enclave. They bring the town to an offshore oil rig off of the coast of south California. The Chosen One through a series of events uses an ancient oil tanker to reach the oil rig, and rescues his townsmen before they are killed in research of the virus, and all of that rescuing is after The Chosen One kills the President of The Enclave and his Secret Service lacky (the combat boss of the game) Frank Horrigan.
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That was a ton of ******* typing so you better enjoy this book I just ******* made.
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i beleve in fallout 2 or maybe it was 1 i can't remember but i think the water supply get corrupted or something so you need to go out of the vault and obtain a new one or something
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just to clarify, you don't have your own vault. a vault is like a community. lots of people can live in one vault. they are quite big. if you ever get the chance, i would suggest playing the game, because it is very fun.
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feels like a sir
feels like a sir
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Someone please re-caption it with: You come into my house and you disrespect me, what have I ever done to make you disrespect me.
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