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#45 to #41 - bobbyembry [OP]
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(07/09/2012) [-]
JUST ENJOY IT, sorry that it only got 13 thumbs the first go round 5 freaking months ago...what are we supposed to do? dive deep into the annals of the interwebs to make sure that it was never ever posted before? I saw it on Entensity, gave cred and posted it. woops its a repost, im going straight to FJ hell now for ********* up
#44 to #41 - iloveabigpenisinth
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(07/06/2012) [-]
Must suck bro but just know your work was good enough to be reposted and make it this far! so smile at how good you are!
#43 to #41 - imendiaburzum
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(07/06/2012) [-]
i know that feel bro