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#291 - hawwwwwwwww (07/05/2012) [-]
my roomate's aunt makes $83/hr on the laptop. She has been without work for 8 months but last month her pay was $8682 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more on this site...NuttyRichdotcom
#295 to #291 - FatherPedobear (07/05/2012) [-]
Do you actually gain anything from this?
User avatar #297 to #295 - nogphille ONLINE (07/05/2012) [-]
yeah, he'll probably hand your credit card information to his aunt...

just check his profile, he's a spamming douche
#305 to #297 - FatherPedobear (07/05/2012) [-]
What if this website was legit, and we could be making 83 an hour by spamming?
User avatar #308 to #305 - nogphille ONLINE (07/05/2012) [-]
for me, it'd be selling my soul and go against all that i know and love...

no amount of money will ever drive me to spamming my fellow man
User avatar #294 to #291 - nogphille ONLINE (07/05/2012) [-]
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