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User avatar #165 - bluntrippsky (07/03/2012) [-]
theres 300 billionaires in this country and 40 million people living below the poverty line and you think this is a 1st world country?
User avatar #167 to #165 - peanutbuttahjellah (07/03/2012) [-]
There are people who are living in other countries that have it worse than the homeless in the USA and Canada.
User avatar #169 to #167 - bluntrippsky (07/03/2012) [-]
im not denying that. but america still isnt a first world.
User avatar #171 to #169 - groborg (07/03/2012) [-]
Compare it to Brazil and Nigeria which are secibd and third world countries. Do you now see why your country is of the first world?
User avatar #172 to #171 - bluntrippsky (07/03/2012) [-]
i never said it was a third world country. but its a second world. there are many countries better off than us.
#186 to #172 - grimbaker (07/03/2012) [-]
okay let me help you man, 1st world means a country that is post industrial revolution (capitalistic), 2nd world is a country going through an industrial revolution (aka an industrial state), 3rd world has not had an industrial revolution yet causing them to be underdeveloped and poor, it has nothing to do with poverty levels, know the terms your using before you go throwing around random nonsense in the attempt to champion a cause my man
#174 to #172 - anon (07/03/2012) [-]
Do you even know how the classification came about? First world countries were the allies of america during the cold war, and the second world countries were the allies of the Russians. That's how it was decided, not by poverty levels. Third world countries were the extremely poor and underdeveloped ones.
#179 to #174 - anon (07/03/2012) [-]
he's right. third world was in beginning Egypt, Jugoslavia, Indonesia. and if you study a bit of what happened after the 2° world war you know it was the better idea.
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