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User avatar #121 - IloveWAFFLES (07/03/2012) [-]
I don't like Bo Burnham

inb4 red thumbs since opinions
User avatar #142 to #121 - sketchE ONLINE (07/03/2012) [-]
i have a couple of his songs but agree to some extent the ones i have are semi serious
User avatar #131 to #121 - johnnyhobo (07/03/2012) [-]
his songs are fairly clever, but i dont really enjoy them unless i'm actually watching him sing them
his expressions and body language are what sells it

...that sounded a little gay.
User avatar #129 to #121 - dduucckk (07/03/2012) [-]
i enjoy his work. but i can understand why you dont. his brand of comedy is... different to say the least.
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User avatar #127 to #126 - IloveWAFFLES (07/03/2012) [-]
I literally knew about him since he started because of the freakin massachusetts news getting a hard on like they did with dane cook
User avatar #123 to #121 - thepalmtoptiger (07/03/2012) [-]
I like him in small doses, I watched one of his longer shows online and got bored, but his 30 minute comedy central special was pretty funny, also his "welcome to youtube" was hilarious if you knew all the people he was singing about.
#132 to #123 - rossdabigboss (07/03/2012) [-]
wait..no complaining?? this is NICE
User avatar #158 to #132 - thepalmtoptiger (07/03/2012) [-]
Nah, I won't argue. There are some comedians which are immensely popular which I don't like either. I won't hold it against you.
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