YOU ROLL!(read description). Time to start rolling. The fallout rolling game, OC by me! you roll, between 2-4 nr. and you get a resault, if you rolled many numm
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YOU ROLL!(read description)

Time to start rolling.
The fallout rolling game, OC by me!
you roll, between 2-4 nr. and you get a resault, if you rolled many nummbers. it's the last 2 digits that count if not special nr.
you may only roll 3 times.

you roll 11* you arrive early too the vault
you roll 22* sorry, you died on your way to the vault, guess you had 1 in luck.
you roll 33* you owned a sunsetsassparilla factory and accired 10.000 caps (you'r damn rich in other words)
you roll 38* you own a nice hotel with big laser guns on the roof and only have to go to the vault if you want. however you have a robot fetish.
you roll 44* your good guy Greigs roommate, and therefore he gave you his only dubs so you could survive.
you roll 55* you got in at a funny time and have to share room with the hot stripper.
you roll 66* you got inn, but didn't take the goat test serious enought, and now you are a teacher.
you roll 69* you share room with the hottest girl (and nympho) in the vault. (yeah she will sleep with you)
you roll 77* you can pick the vault you want to stay inn, and all the people allowed into it, however you are not overseer and can not controll the vault after it is locked.
you roll 88* you get the mysterious magnum upon entering the vault.

you roll 99* you are the last roller and no other people can be accepted into any vault after this roll.

Random rollscant let you into the vault but if your lucky you might still survive)
the nr.x - nr.y only counts for those not single handed picked out, like 69.
you roll 1-10 you died painlessly
you roll 12-21 you survive as a ferral ghoul.
you roll 23-32 become a supermutant, you dumb-dumb.
you roll 34-43 you are killed becuse you get in a gang war between idiot
you roll 45-54 you become a merchant that survive.
you roll 56-65 you die with no regrets.
you roll 67-76 you become a raider, scorpions or great kahn
you roll 78-87 and you do it my way.
you roll 89-98 I'm feeling nice so I let you inn to vault 101.
you roll 96* you didn't get 69 but you have mess up the order of words, so you share a vault room with a trap.(you checked)
you roll 123* you got past the closing door
you roll 404* vault not found, but start a new chapter with the brotherhood of steal.
you roll 1337* you become overseer in vault of you choice. (give it an description, and you do whatever you want with the vault.)
you roll 9001* your radiation lvl makes you the post-apocalyptic jesus christ and you can do whatever you want (before roll 99)

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Submitted: 07/01/2012
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#13 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/02/2012) [+] (1 reply)
**anonymous rolls 77**
User avatar #96 - vytas (07/03/2012) [-]
**vytas rolls 96**
#32 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/03/2012) [-]
*roll 2 * here we go
#16 - petthepuppy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #152 - mechbaird (07/05/2012) [+] (2 replies)
**mechbaird rolls 9,069**
User avatar #101 - chinkyeyedjoe (07/03/2012) [+] (1 reply)
**chinkyeyedjoe rolls 7,698**

Let's go Zombie jeezus
User avatar #100 - theduberist (07/03/2012) [-]
**theduberist rolls 1,096**
#88 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/03/2012) [+] (1 reply)
**anonymous rolls 7,800**
User avatar #76 - sierramike (07/03/2012) [-]
**sierramike rolls 2,344**
User avatar #73 - tezel (07/03/2012) [-]
**tezel rolls 6,195**
#65 - midgetnigger (07/03/2012) [+] (2 replies)
** ************ rolls 5,393**
User avatar #6 - xiant (07/01/2012) [+] (2 replies)
**xiant rolls 7,988**
User avatar #10 to #7 - xiant (07/01/2012) [-]
Thank you, pup :"3
#138 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/04/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolls 52**
#107 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/03/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolls 5,423**
#82 - Nitsuin has deleted their comment [-]
#81 - lanliss has deleted their comment [-]
#80 - lanliss has deleted their comment [-]
#79 - lanliss has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #64 - patriotpenguin (07/03/2012) [+] (2 replies)
**patriotpenguin rolls 7,224**
User avatar #33 - kingdragon (07/03/2012) [-]
**kingdragon rolls 8,124**
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