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In year five we had a project where we built our own little oven out of alfoil and plastic and used them to bake cookies. Child safe, definitely not hundreds of degrees.
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you're just ******* retarded
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no bro you're completely wrong based on all this evidence we don't have to prove it
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I've heard of at least one case where someone's pet cat was left trapped inside their car while they were at work on a particularly hot day. Due to the temperature and sunlight shining through the car windows for so long, and how the surfaces inside the car (i.e.: leather seat covers) kept absorbing and retaining much of the heat it got so hot inside the car that the cat effectively exploded.

When the owner got out to the car after work, the cat had splattered all over the interior of the car (the owner didn't realize that the cat had snuck into the car and hid before leaving the house).

My point is: if the right conditions can make a cat explode in a car, then it seems likely that cookies could be baked on a dashboard under the right conditions too.
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No genetic makeup could actually explode in the heat accumulated inside a car. it would cook, Not explode. You'd need a microwave to do that.

Like my grade 9 science class. Some ******* put frogs in the home ec microwaves and they popped.
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its in a closed car on a metal tin in the sun and obviously its hot outside ....all makes the inside of the car hot enough to bake them....also did you notice the time? 1-430 .....3.5 hours when normally it takes bout 20 min for cookies.
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You have obviously never lived in Texas... I've seen people literally make eggs on the cement outside of their house
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my brother once got 3rd degree burns on 4th of July. not from fireworks or anything cool like that. he crossed the street barefoot in the middle of the day. it was like 120 degrees out that day. cement gets hot as **** in texas.
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eggs just need 63 degrees to get perfect. (celsius)
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pshhh you could do it in alaska or one of the scandonavian countries. There is so much sunlight there that if you harness it properly you could cook a breakfast with just the suns rays.
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walmart and texas go together like peanut butter and ladies
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When the temperature is over 100 degrees, cars act like greenhouses and get really hot .
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this is very possible, as is cooking an egg on the sidewalk, as ive personally done it. being in direct sunlight in 115 degree weather for 2 hours can cook lots of things.
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******** ...live in dallas. we do this almost everyother week...it just takes forever
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I live in Hurst. It's like 30 minutes from Dallas. Hot as **** .
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on a hot enough day, it will be much hotter on the other side of the glass. this was first posted on 4chan. the guy said it was like 100 degrees that day and they showed it was like 140-160 degrees or something in the car. you can bake cookies at that temperature it was just take a lot more time than an oven at 375. they would probably be doughy still but i can work.
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