Weirdest Omegle Conversation ENLARGE. I don't even... C) teeg Talk to strangers'. 2 2 , 6 ' You: A real man loaves his woman everyday of the month You: black, E dinosaur porn
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Weirdest Omegle Conversation ENLARGE

C) teeg Talk to strangers'. 2 2 , 6 '
You: A real man loaves his woman everyday of the month
You: black, Edi} pounds, muscly
You: and thats just my dick
Stranger: Same here, what a coincidence!
Stranger: We have so much in common
You:. I shove pickles up my ass, DO YOU THAT
You: if so i want your body
Stranger: No, I prefer cucumbers. I don' t like the fiery sting of vinegar in my ass
You: I enjoy the pain, kinda like whip lashes
You: and ring sting
Stranger: I like pain too, I just wrap repaper around the cucumber
You: Ever tried pineapples. Head first the filling of the spikes rubbing against your ass is heavenly.
Stranger: Pm not a fucking pussy. barbed wire around tire irons and pierce my large intestine for pleasure.
You: when ever i drink water i put a pinch of bleach in it to glue it a little extra kick.
Stranger: Wheal drink bleach, I put in gun powder to sew. -rarety damage my colon.
You: lyricks cat blood mixed with hydrochloric acid to burn through the lining in my stomach for shits and giggles.
Stranger: Alright, you son of a bitch. Idrink from the sperm bank eatery saturday alert suck dick at the gloryhole in [lenny‘ s-
You: I drink vaginal discharge mixed with anal mucks and homeless man sweat- Then i glare a ha to my own father. Beat that dickhole-
Stranger: I ate my mother' s placenta 45 seconds after she gaffe birth to me, while] fucked my grandmother in the ass with a 3 feet strap on After thati went to the Homeless Shelter and ejaculated in the soup and hosted the KKK meeting in
You: Well throw me into a pit of lesbians covered in chocolate, you have won my friend You have won.
You: We tried, but nothing could beat that!
Stranger: It was on honor facing a very formidable foe such as you, I must go now, but I wish you well in your future endeavors.
You:. You too kind friend. You too.
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