One does not simply walk into mordor.. .. Why is this tagged as sex? mordor LOTR frodo sex WTF
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User avatar #2 - DemonMatt (08/19/2009) [-]
Why is this tagged as sex?
User avatar #3 to #2 - Pink Floyd (08/19/2009) [-]
Because I know that all these 12 year old faggots search is sex, boobs, and penis.
User avatar #7 - PhoenixDeath (09/24/2009) [-]
they should have finished it as them charging in with ninja wizzards and laser bears and saurons like "OH COME ON FOR FRICK SAKE WTF!"
User avatar #6 - redwitch (09/03/2009) [-]
Omg, I haven't laughed so hard at something on this site!!!! Their facial expression SOLD IT!
#1 - carson (08/19/2009) [-]
This is Great.
User avatar #8 - maximusj (03/16/2010) [-] this is similar.... don't thumb me down for putting a link, just see if you like it... no trap, just another mordor related joke.
#5 - anon (08/30/2009) [-]
whoever posted this has an awesome username floyd is my favorite Irish band
#4 - anon (08/21/2009) [-]
i have lowered my IQ by watching this
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