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User avatar #9 - AlanbalMIT (06/26/2012) [-]
My cat died that way. WTF MAN. It will be always on my mind. Morning, waking up for school, go to the dryer for some socks...and **** , i found my cat dead.
#24 to #9 - steavo (06/26/2012) [-]
LOL! That is a funny ******* comment.
User avatar #21 to #9 - mrsockz ONLINE (06/26/2012) [-]
Wouldnt someone have noticed a cat in there or when they were loading it? How does that even happen?
User avatar #64 to #21 - AlanbalMIT (06/30/2012) [-]
The cat just god in there because he was playing with my mom's jacket (it's one of those big jackets that looks like an eskimo) and no body noticed Him. That's sad man.
User avatar #19 to #9 - forestfires (06/26/2012) [-]
btw can i borrow some red socks?
#12 to #9 - Digitalphear (06/26/2012) [-]
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There's a wet pussy joke in there somewhere, I'm too tired to think of it right now.
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