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#798 - anon (06/26/2012) [-]
Reposted from Reddit. Go ahead, down vote me. You are all faggots.
#805 to #798 - anon (06/26/2012) [-]
Look how easily controllable you all are. You actually listened to me . Simple minded fools.
User avatar #858 to #805 - psychedeliic (06/29/2012) [-]
You stupid cunt. It doesn't matter where this came from. It is historically significant because a ******* species just went extinct. There will never be another Galapagos turtle ever. And all you care about is that this news was on some similar web site. Go **** yourself you ignorant asshole.

And that is why you are getting thumbed down, NOT because you mentioned Reddit. You are such a ******* asshat, and yes I mad. "Oh you are all so controllable" oh get the **** over yourself kid.
#832 to #805 - anon (06/26/2012) [-]
Oh no. You have down voted my comments. Now what? That's right. Nothing. Because they mean ******* nothing, you idiots.
#801 to #798 - anon (06/26/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #58 at fathers day feels ** You're an idiot. This is a picture of a turtle and news, how is this property of Reddit?
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