Animal myths 3 (rp). So now I put these up now, i know they all arent morbid, but I had a lot ask me to put these up. And yes of course I am advertising my busi whomadewho myths
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Animal myths 3 (rp)

Animal myths 3 (rp). So now I put these up now, i know they all arent morbid, but I had a lot ask me to put these up. And yes of course I am advertising my busi

So now I put these up now, i know they all arent morbid, but I had a lot ask me to put these up.
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Animal Myths 3
A young woman was at the beach one day and she thought she felt a
bug in her ear, she couldn' t find anything, so forgot about it. A few
days later she went to see a doctor because of a severe ear ache, he
checked her out and decided she must have an earwig- a small bug
deep in her inner ear. He said it was too deep to remove, she' d have
to wait for it to come out the other side. A few weeks later she found
a nasty looking bug on her pillow, put it in a jar and took it to the
doctor to see if that was it. He said it was, but the bad news is it was
a female and it had laid eggs.
If a duck is standing on the edge of a cave or cliff facing another
cliff and quacks, it will not echo.
The Dog' s Dinner
an authentic Chinese meal. In the restaurant they couldn' t make
any sense of the menu, so they tried to get the waiter to decide using
hand signals and expressions. They also needed some scraps for
their poodle, who went with them everywhere. The waiter finally
seemed to get the idea, and took the dog into the back. In a little
while, the waiter returned to their table with the and
Loyal Dog
A man and his wife have a little baby. One day, the man is caring for
the baby while his wife is out shopping and he hears a noise outside.
He leaves his dog to watch over the baby while he goes out to see what
the problem is. After chasing off a man, the man goes back inside to
find the baby crib full with blood and the dog under the crib with
blood all over its muzzle. Thinking that the dog killed his baby, the
man becomes enraged and kills the animal with a baseball bat. Only
then does he look on the other side of the crib. There he finds his
baby lying on the floor dead, a knife in one hand and some kind of
alien communication device in the other. The couple' s baby had been
replaced by a hostile extraterrestrial civilization, and would have
killed the man upon his return had it not been for the brave actions
of his loyal dog.
when i first read this i thought it was bullshit. Then i saw there were
reports of this happening in 1960 and family claimed til the day they
died that that is what happened. Not only that, but an autopsy it
showed that the baby had organs different from humans.)
no i Klimt have the reprint i made this a while back and its not on the other one either. just mil with the turtur.
On average, people will eat 8 spiders each year just in there sleep.
Not to mention the amount of spiders that are accidently put in the
food you eat.
Stomach aches
The father of a teenage girl was growing more and more worried
that his little girl' s stomach seemed to be growing. Over and over
she swore she couldn' t be pregnant but her father was suspicious
because of how much time the girl was at the beach. Finally he took
her to the hospital when she started complaining about stomach
pain. The doctor confirmed she wasn' t pregnant, it appeared to be a
tumor or growth of some kind, he said an operation was necessary
immediately. Octopus eggs are microscopic, and they assumed the
girl must have swallowed some while swimming.
Depressed dog
A young man was waiting in the nightrise apartment of his new
girlfriend waiting as she finished getting ready for their date and he
decided to play with her frisky little dog. He began throwing the
ball for the dog and accidentally bounced it out and over the
balcony, without a thought the dog followed. The man had no idea
what to do or say when his date came out of the bathroom ready to
go, she didn' t seem to notice the dog' s absence. At dinner the man
commented "You know, your dog seemed a little depressed this
Most of these myths came from warphead. com
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