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#205 - notsohalpful (06/25/2012) [-]
conclusion: op's family are pornstars.
Allow me to demonstrate with a little poem.
" I **** you
you **** me,
we're a pornstar family
with a great big dick
and a rape from me to you,
won't you say i'll **** you too"
#222 to #205 - generalshawn (06/25/2012) [-]
I read it in his voice D:
pic related
#209 to #208 - notsohalpful (06/25/2012) [-]
Why, thank you.
I also have a ****** version, and a terrorist version.
#210 to #209 - anonymous (06/25/2012) [-]
please do share
#212 to #210 - notsohalpful (06/25/2012) [-]
I'll just share the ****** version, since that is the one I'm most proud of.
"I stab you
you stab me
we're a ****** family
with a black big dick
and some aids from me to you,
won't you say "I don't work too"
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