We all win if this is the case.. Sounds good to me! www.everydayhealth.com/sexual-health/how-much-sex-is-in-your-future.aspx?xid=aol_eh-sex_3_20120618_&aolcat=H

We all win if this is the case.

How Much Sex is in Your Future?
A new study says there might be a way to predict how much lovin‘ is ahead for
Laura Herman. Phil
l COM ment It
A new study; from Dartmouth College has made an exciting
discovery: The brain might reveal telltale signs that can predict
sexual activity.
Researchers asked a group of students to look at erotic images
and used brain imaging to scan their mental activity. Then, six
months later, they asked the students to return and fill out a
questionnaire regarding their recent sexual behavior.
Their results showed that the students whose brains had
responded most strongly to the erotic images were also the most
likely to have enjoyed frequent sex in the six months that had passed. Students who had less of a
response to the erotic images were less likely to have had as active a sex life- In other words, a higher
response to erotica was associated with an increase in future sexual activity.
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