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User avatar #4 - gtaant (06/22/2012) [-]
Cashier's what?
User avatar #10 to #4 - wheresthefudge (06/22/2012) [-]
Cashier's make, as in a model or design.
1: What make is that car?
2: That is a Ford Pinto
1: Thank you old chap, say, are you going to the cricket match later?
2: I dare say so! It shall be a jolly old time.
1:Tally ho! Wot wot!

Although I'm still not sure why their make is remarking. Most makes don't do that.
User avatar #90 to #10 - gtaant (06/23/2012) [-]
That. Was. Brilliant.

And some tosser thumbed you down. I fixed that.
User avatar #163 to #90 - wheresthefudge (06/24/2012) [-]
Hooray and whatnot.
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