Game logic. . Multipla yer logic: f. ff you suck you are noon 2 ff you are good, you are noon ff you are very good pigger, you are hooker.. Good Multiplayer game logic: if you're good, youre a noob if you're if your bad your a noob if you have a hat, you're decent.
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#3 - evilcookie (06/21/2012) [-]
**evilcookie rolled a random image posted in comment #89 at magazines **
#6 to #3 - ilovethepenis (06/22/2012) [-]
I know that was a random roll, but actually bottle caps are just as expensive as our every money.
Today's money is just paper or very cheap metal and most of it is digital.
#23 - anon (06/22/2012) [-]
if you're bad, you're a nub
if you're good, you're a stupid noob
if you're k/d ratio is 20:0, you're a f*cking camping little pu$$y noob, why dont you put down that god damn sniper rifle and come at me like a real man. Your mom likes real men i would know i f*cked that bitch so much last night, it woke up your sister so i raped her back to sleep.
User avatar #20 - zacyzacy (06/22/2012) [-]
Good Multiplayer game logic:
if you're good, youre a noob
if you're if your bad your a noob
if you have a hat, you're decent.
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User avatar #18 to #12 - scottza (06/22/2012) [-]
not on PS3. ive heard "i ****** your mother" maybe 4 or 5 times in 2 years. inb4 fanboy wars, i dont give a **** so dont even start.
#24 to #18 - bentense (06/22/2012) [-]
I've maybe heard it twice on there. to be honest the community is slightly more mature on PS3 than the 360.
User avatar #31 to #24 - altonyc (06/22/2012) [-]
Whereas the PC tends to be more isolated in communication (almost no one used the public voice when I played MW2 years ago)
#33 to #31 - bentense (06/22/2012) [-]
I guess that's part of it. If I'm not mistaken 360s come with a headset while PS3's don't.

also can't they type though?
User avatar #36 to #33 - lamepanda (06/22/2012) [-]
We can type on the PC, but the chat is mainly used for swearing and offending the opposite team. :/
#43 to #36 - bentense (06/23/2012) [-]

I figured it was still like that. It's been a very long time since I played on PC but I used to hardcore play Battlefront 2 and Halo. It was definitely the most fun I had with multiplayer.
User avatar #44 to #43 - lamepanda (06/23/2012) [-]
Loved Battlefront 2, but had it for the PS2 :/ So didn't get to play it online. But it was a great game if I had some friends over though
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User avatar #37 to #32 - lamepanda (06/22/2012) [-]
I don't really mind people using the snipers differently than intended, but on Call of Duty it's broken to the degree where it's actually better to have a sniper rifle than any other weapon in most situations. Only games I enjoy sniping on that have a big playerbase is Call of Duty 4 and some of the battlefield games :/
User avatar #45 to #37 - wizardofstuff (06/28/2012) [-]
It has come to my attention, that me and my friends are the only ones who use the snipers for their intended purpose. Everybody else seems to use it like it was a goddamn shotgun.
User avatar #29 - lmaopwnt (06/22/2012) [-]
I'll accept if someone's simply better than me, but if it's obvious that they have no life, then I sure as **** won't keep it a secret.
(I was playing battlefield 3 the other day and I saw some guy who had 40 ******* service stars for the m320 jvg, less than a week after it comes out, if that isn't a no-lifer, I don't know WHAT the **** is.)
User avatar #15 - bergzerk (06/22/2012) [-]
If you want a game with adult players, purchase Arma 2 and play Warfare and coop missions. Don't get lured into the DayZ **** , because it's filled with CoD runaways.
#10 - floww (06/22/2012) [-]
If you never heard about articles, you're op
User avatar #1 - deathzor (06/21/2012) [-]
But what kind of good player uses that stupid infrared scope?

Bolt actions or gtfo.
#2 to #1 - anon (06/21/2012) [-]
User avatar #4 to #2 - deathzor (06/21/2012) [-]
****** .
#7 to #1 - anon (06/22/2012) [-]
Every rifle I buy is a bolt action, easy to clean and use. Love the **** out of them. Plus they're always fun to shoot, you just feel badass unloading/ reloading a bolt action.
#13 to #1 - mrvalane ONLINE (06/22/2012) [-]
please dont tell me you run around with a sniper
#16 to #13 - deathzor (06/22/2012) [-]
Yes. Yes I do, because I'm good at it. You gonna hate now?
User avatar #17 to #16 - mrvalane ONLINE (06/22/2012) [-]
yes because you use the stickyaim to help you, and to be honest, its ******* annoying when someone runs into you with a sniper and can automatically get perfect aim on you
#25 to #16 - lamepanda (06/22/2012) [-]
I'm sorry to bother you, war veteran of Call of Duty, but could you please take the time to answer the following questions?
1. What is wrong with using the thermal scope? Sure, you are able to detect people easier in some situations, but the scope does not zoom as far as the normal scope.
2. What's wrong with semi-automatic snipers? In fact, the semi-automatic snipers have a higher skill cap than the bolt action snipers, and they are either less accurate, or deals less damage than the bolt action ones. And in most situations, having a semi-automatic (If you're good with it of course), will pay off with more kills, and fewer deaths, both from long ranges and close combat.

Please, atleast try to act intelligent when if you reply, seems that very few Call of Duty gamers are capable of that. Prove me wrong
User avatar #34 to #25 - deathzor (06/22/2012) [-]
Let's see here.

1.) I play both Mw2 and BC2, so I'm not some fanboy.
2.) I use bolt actions because I hate how inaccurate semi's are.
3.) You have a sidearm for a reason.
4.) A thermal scope is just ******* retarded, and OP in a lot of cases.

proof of bc2 status :
User avatar #35 to #34 - lamepanda (06/22/2012) [-]
1. I don't play any of them, I stick to playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, because that is what I play competativly and BF3.
2. Once you get the hang of it, semis are quite accurate in Call of Duty. Though in battlefield, I actually prefer bolt actions aswell.
3. Yes, you have a sidearm which you are supposed to use when you've emptied your mag on the primary, or when your primary is not suitable for the range you are going to assault the enemy from. BUT, you said you are "quickscoping", so why pull out a sidearm weapon when the snipers are faster to kill with if you're able to pull of quickscoping?
4. Thermal scope is retarded? Quickscoping, noscoping and trickshotting is retarded. And I don't see why a thermal scope is overpowered, considering it only makes your enemies more visible, and that is only on a few maps. The rest of the maps it would barely make a difference, or just make your view worse. And, Cold Blooded counters the thermal scopes.
User avatar #38 to #35 - deathzor (06/22/2012) [-]
I noscope when I can, but hardscope most of the time.

I got sick of playing CoD4 a while ago; too many ******* martyfags and wallhackers/aimbotters.
User avatar #39 to #38 - lamepanda (06/22/2012) [-]
If you're playing on the consoles, I've heard there's a lot of hackers, along with host problems, but if you're playing on the PC you're not playing on the right servers.
User avatar #40 to #39 - deathzor (06/22/2012) [-]
Bro. All the good PC servers are gone for CoD4.

Also, PC only reporting in.
User avatar #41 to #40 - lamepanda (06/22/2012) [-]
Well, I haven't played CoD 4 in a month or so, but there was a server I played at with 10-24 people connected, along with having 3x frag, martyrdom and last stand deactivated.
User avatar #42 to #41 - deathzor (06/22/2012) [-]
Those servers are far and few in-between. ************* just promote it these days...
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User avatar #14 to #9 - mrvalane ONLINE (06/22/2012) [-]
All games have their problems
excepting them is a part of maturity
fighting about them is childish
#21 to #14 - anon (06/22/2012) [-]
excepting them
User avatar #26 - kanaka (06/22/2012) [-]
*If you are good, you are a no life.

#30 - PandeeBear (06/22/2012) [-]
I used to play MW2 but APPARENTLY a lot of 12 year old started to have sex with my mom... and my dad

So I quit and sold the game, ****** multiplayer.
User avatar #28 - szymonf (06/22/2012) [-]
if you are op, youre a fag
User avatar #11 - fuckinfuckinfuck ONLINE (06/22/2012) [-]
Did anybody else read this in a Russian accent, because of the lack of articles?
#5 - anon (06/22/2012) [-]
lol, then im a hacker been called it in halo 3,reach, TF2, Bf3/bfbc3, wow, cod 4/5 and minecraft
lol, then im a hacker been called it in halo 3,reach, TF2, Bf3/bfbc3, wow, cod 4/5 and minecraft
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